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  1. Dave............... Its on the first page. "There are a number of things added, and I'd have to pull up the Step by Step in our Documentation and then compare it to the old Checklist to give you a comparison. The best thing to do is perform the Step-by-Step and I promise the new items will jump right out at you! "
  2. Up to me? Dave you tried to tell me 3 months ago that even though prior to the updates I had no problems that the problem was suddenly I wasn't entering the info in the CDU correctly. Worked with but with the next update suddenly I am a moron that can't enter the info. This has been going on for over 3 months. This is turning into the CRJ. My trouble has no consistent trend other than it happens 99% of the time in all models. I should fly the same flight over again like a beta tester to try and reproduce the bug. No, I don't enjoy the hobby so I can be a beta tester."Because Many custo
  3. I am not a beta tester. I am just letting you know it isnt working as it hasnt for the last 3 months. Sorry. Beta testers get the product for free.
  4. In the climb same problem. Over 3 months now. I hope this gets resolved soon.
  5. solved it. My xml file was set to hidden.
  6. I just did a complete reinstall of Win7 and all my FS stuff. I was trying to install AES and get this error when I start it. " FSX; AES can not write DLL.XML in Appdata, contact Support; Path/File access error" Any thoughts? Thanks Richie Walsh
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