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  1. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. No, the sim is NOT paused, nor does a repeated use of the "P" key fix the problem, unless "P" in your world is supposed to do something different than just pause/unpause FSX. More ideas?
  2. Hi, after installing 1.22, I lost the scratchpad of the MCDU. The LSK keys work as expected, but on "typing" on the MCDU nothing appears in the scratchpad. The values are not there, because when trying to transfer whatever might be hidden in the scratchpad using an LSK, the corresponding position will just show "0" or blank. What could be the reason? It's a fresh install (I downloaded the full 1.22 version and de-installed the previous 1.20 version before installing)
  3. Exactly what I was trying to confirm with the posted video. Just retarding the throttles during landing should *not* trigger the master caution, hence it is something for the Aerosoft guys to look into.
  4. There are many. Just do a search on youtube with "a320 cockpit landing", for example: In none of all those videos I've watched has there ever been a master caution alert when pulling the throttles back to idle when "retard" announcement comes. Makes me think that the master caution alert in AirbusX when retarding throttles is not quite "real-world".
  5. Thanks for your replies. So my setup seems to be OK. Good to know. Still: Why have I never seen the master caution light and sound up when the pilots landed and retarded the throttles in the real A320? Does AirbusX deviate from reality here or do I miss some crucial point? Thanks for your clarifications.
  6. Hi, During the "retard" call, im pulling back the throttles from the CLB detent to idle. On my system, I made two observations: 1. when moving the throttles out of the CLB detent back to idle, thrust is not decreased. Engines only spool down as soon as I'm hitting IDLE. 2. When hitting IDLE, the MASTER CAUTION warning comes on and ECAM message is A/FLT A /THR OFF Is that as it is supposed to be? I've watched a couple of A320 cockpit vids on the net but I've never seen the master caution come on when the pilots retarded the throttles.
  7. Then it's about time that this "advanced version" gets tackled. While I understand the initial aerosoft statement that this is supposed to be some "casual" A3xx sim, it's a very good basis and deserves to be extended to also appeal to hardcore simmers. I'd definitely be willing to pay quite some bucks for an advanced version that combines the really beautiful virtual cockpit and model with deeply and accurately simulated systems. The first thing we'd need is an improved MCDU which allows for SIDs, STARs, RWY selections etc.
  8. I did some more flights. Regardless where in the world, when directly overflying one VOR with another one tuned in too, both red flags will show up. Hence, I think that needs to be fixed.
  9. Hi, since 1.21, the MCDU NAV RAD page needs multiple clicks on the respective LSKs until a VOR, ILS, NDB frequency or a course would be accepted by the MCDU. How many clicks are required is totally arbitrary. What happened? Didn't you guys test this thing? It worked perfectly in 1.20.
  10. True. However, the answer of the aerosoft devs better not be to just disable features or cap the instrument refresh rate in order to increase frame rate. I'd like to see the full information on the FO's side displays as well, and I definitely would like to see a smooth update behavior of the instruments. The code needs to be thoroughly optimized.
  11. I will do some more investigation and report back.
  12. In FSX, I don't use: - any of the stock airplanes except when having to load a clean state for an addon aircraft ("C172 cold and dark") - learning center - pilot logbook, award/reward system - missions - FSX's own weather generator - The built-in web browser ("Home") I actually consider FSX more of a platform that hosts my third-party terrain, weather and aircraft addons rather than a one-stop-one-shop package for all my virtual aviation needs.
  13. Be patient. I can feel your pain as I'm turned off by these things too, but they started a very promising Airbus A320 for FSX; the only one that is *native* FSX. It's in an early stage and many things need to get fixed. Everybody will agree on this. I'll start shouting only if we were told that essential things (FBW, FADEC, bugs in the systems simulations) will not get fixed and that there's not going to be an advanced version. Until then, I believe the devs are working hard to resolve the issues that we're reporting in these forums. As for the thing flying like a dog under normal law, turn off the ELACs and FACs (leave the SECs on) and enjoy.
  14. Be patient. I can feel your pain as I'm turned off by these things too, but they started a very promising Airbus A320 for FSX; the only one that is *native* FSX. It's in an early stage and many things need to get fixed. Everybody will agree on this. I'll start shouting only if we were told that essential things (FBW, FADEC, bugs in the systems simulations) will not get fixed and that there's not going to be an advanced version. Until then, I believe the devs are working hard to resolve the issues that we're reporting in these forums.
  15. You don't get the sudden nose down and retrim bouncing when disconnecting the AP on final?
  16. bpcw001

    Airbus X

    It's because the engines don't spool down far enough. Turn off the AT and retard throttles to idle for descent. Kind of defeats the purpose of a FADEC, but well ... so many workarounds needed to fly Airbus X properly. But I still like it. Promising package! They just need to get that sort of stuff fixed soon.
  17. Yeah, I've experienced this as well. The PFD bugs for F and S are screwed up and don't reflect what's in the MCDU. When taking off with flaps 2, according to the PFD F bug I'm expected to retract flaps to 1 when I'm still in the takeoff roll This should be fixed by the devs CG doesn't change depending on the load. That's why we don't have to set stab trim for takeoff either. CG/Stab Trim is probably not modeled.
  18. I agree with most of what you're saying. Yes, there are bugs, yes, there are inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and yes, the FBW sucks to the point where you have to turn it off altogether to properly hand-fly this thing on approach and landings. Still, I think that the Airbus X is a nice package and should provide a solid basis for further work. I only hope that there will be an "advanced" package made available which will give us a more functional MCDU (SID/STAR support, recalculation of TOC, TOD and other parameters when changing route and altitude in flight ...), IRS, a better FBW implementation which finally allows proper transitions from autoflight to manual flight and vice versa, and more of the good realism stuff. However, I wouldn't want to hear stuff like "We don't do this because of fps" or "We don't want to do this because we'd like to stick with default FSX behavior". While fps and leveraging existing FSX assets is certainly something to keep in mind, it should not prevent the implementation of advanced features (within reason). Nobody expects a complex airliner addon have the same frame rate as the default FSX trike. Most of us guys are running other complex addons (PMDG, Level-D ...) as well so please don't use fps or slavish adherence to FSX default behavior as an excuse to not implement advanced stuff. (The stripped-down FO displays are such a thing. I replaced them with the CAPT ones in the aircraft.cfg without suffering from a noticeable performance hit). IMHO, the Airbus X is currently the most promising FSX Airbus package available. Keep it up!
  19. Yep, I found out. In the aircraft.cfg, there's a "max_throttle_rate" parameter. Increase its value and the AT will be a lot more responsive. Works better for me.
  20. Yo scarebus, great one! Superb work!
  21. Hi, please consider the following scenario: 1. Set valid frequencies for VOR/DME1 and VOR/DME2 in the MCDU 2. RMI needles show bearings to VOR1 and VOR2, and DME1/DME2 are displayed 3. Overfly one VOR (VOR1 or VOR2, doesn't matter) 4. On overflying the VOR, *both* red flags are showing up, and *both* DME displays just show "----" However, this should only happen for the VOR that is actually being overflown. Needle should not disappear, DME should not show "----" and the red flag should not show up for the VOR that is not being overflown. Regards bpcw001
  22. Hm. Never seen the manually set mach number anywhere at or near the speed tape in the PFD, no matter what I did with the speed knob (push, pull, turn, etc). It should work just the same as it does with setting the speed in kts, so I'm wondering what I might be missing here. Will have to check it out again.
  23. Hi all, I'm using the 1.20 version, freshly installed with no previous versions on the PC before. I have three questions concerning autothrottle behaviour: 1. The AT seems to respond very slowly, e. g. when there is a wind change (REX 2.0, wind changes softened by FSUIPC to reasonable rates) from headwind to tailwind, it will almost always result in an overspeed situation because the engines don't spool down fast enough. I would have expected the AT to react dynamically, i. e. when there's a fast change in airspeed, throttles would spool up/down quicker to compensate and adjust to the selected speed, and when the speed change is slow and/or the airspeed pretty close to the desired airspeed, throttles would react slower. 2. When using the spoilers to slow down the aircraft to a selected airspeed, e. g. 250kts, the AT spools up too early again so it will never actually reach the 250kts. I will have to set the airspeed bug to 240kts to prevent a premature engine spoolup keeping me from reaching the target airspeed of 250kts. 3. It appears that I cannot manually set a mach target speed for cruise. No blue triangle will show up, and AT does not react to any manual mach setting. The blue triangle on the speed tape only shows up when I set a target airspeed in kts, and only then the AT values my speed setting. Am I missing something? How is this in the real A320? Thanks bpcw001
  24. Wow, that was fast! I downloaded your fix and the Air Berlin livery is perfect now! Thanks a lot! bpcw001
  25. Recover well! Best wishes bpcw001
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