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  1. Well I reinstalled FSX and all my addons and everything was working nicely. I made several successful powered flights. Then I tried to install CumulusX again. Exactly the same behaviour. However, this time, before doing anything else I checked the FSUIPC log. Sure enough, The log reported failure to find a valid version of Simconnect and when I closed down FSX it did so with an error "Flight Simulator has stopped working" rather than cleanly. On a hunch, I reinstalled FSUIPC and everything was restored to normal including a clean FSX shutdown. I'm afraid this episode has rather put paid to my gliding unless or until Peter solves this problem. Peter
  2. Here is the FSUIPC log written after rebooting and restarting FSX. Says it all. Off to reinstall FSX, and everything I have accumulated over years now. That is the first time I have ever had to reinstall FS, any version, in 20 years Flightsimming. 1155 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 1155 WARNING: Failed to install Mouse Macro hooks! 9641 Exception 5 "VERSION_MISMATCH", Ref 1, Version 0.60905: Open: SimConnect Version incorrect! 9641 Trying another version of SimConnect ... 9813 NOTE: SimConnect SP1 May07 is supported, but it isn't installed. 9844 Trying to connect to SimConnect Original ... 9844 Now running with SimConnect Original 9844 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 9844 Exception 5 "VERSION_MISMATCH", Ref 1, Version 0.60905: Open: SimConnect Version incorrect! 9844 Trying another version of SimConnect ... 9938 FATAL ERROR: FSUIPC4 cannot connect to any supported version of SimConnect!
  3. As I feared would happen, doing that has destroyed my FS Setup completely. FSUIPC has gone, IVap has gone and Plan-G won't connect to FSX via Simconnect. AND Cumulus X still doesn't install. I should have trusted my instinct and ignored your suggestion.
  4. I am surprised that that is the case, though I don't doubt your knowledge, Peter. I has assumed that dotnet Framwork was part of Windows. Off to try it now... Peter
  5. The install did not proceed at all. On double clicking the install file (the one without an extension) there is a brief flash as if a window tries to display but fails, and then nothing. I tried right clicking and "Run as Administrator". Same result. But no windows error messages. If I right-click install.cmd and Run as Administrator, the same flash occurs. It seems to be a Command-prompt window. Then I get the windows message "Cumulus X has stopped working" with "Check online for a solution" or "Close the Program" options. I have User Access Control Minimised (you can't actually turn it off in Win 7, it seems). I have settings set to allow me to see system files I extracted the files from the zip first. Peter
  6. I have exactly this same installation problem as Glenn, but on a new Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I have read through the thread carefully. The Hello World program works. When I installed FSX - I ran it first, then installed SP1 and ran FSX again, then installed SP2 and Ran FSX again as per the standard instructions that have been published in various places for many years. My Windows\system\ folder is empty. No files at all in there. I do not have Acceleration so it has not been installed. In the Remove Programs folder there are two entries for FSX: FSX itself and FSX SP2 SDK. One thing is non standard: My FSX is installed in C:\FSX, not C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games...etc.etc. I have always done this (20 years with FS) without problems - in fact fewer problems than many. So what now? Peter UK VGA
  7. In the configuration pane there is a set of values for Lift ceiling - minimum and maximum. Do these values influence the height at which a thermal will start - i.e. the "bottom" of the thermal? If I lower the minimum value to, say 300 metres, will I start to pick up thermals at that altitude? The default minimum is 7500 metres which awfully high for a "minimum" Peter
  8. Uninstalling and reinstalling SP2, which was simple, and didn't destroy anything, fixed the problem, and CumulusX now runs on my system. Many thanks Peter for the pointers to the solution. Peter
  9. pdodds


    That is on Vista. My XP setup won't install CuX as there is a dotnet issue I need to resolve. Peter
  10. pdodds


    VET does sometimes maintain idle thrust rather than zero thrust, but I checked the VET test window and it showed zero thrust. I was playing around with CuX again last night and it didn't happen. Mind you I cleared all weather from FS, checked Unblue, saw lots of clouds but got no lift. Debug was showing lift of 0.16 at one stage, wich doesn't seem a lot. (July 14:00) But that is a different issue. Peter
  11. pdodds


    Well it did this on my laptop installation today. It started with bouncing after about a minute from start while i was doing checks and things. But it then started going forward along the ground at some speed. This is an aircraft with VET launch installed, although the "thrust" was indicating zero. Not having much luck with CumulusX 1.5! Peter
  12. I think it will be a DotNet 2.0 issue then, because CuX1.5 runs on my laptop which has the Vista OS. It is my XP machine which fails. Can I uninstall DotNet 2.0 and reinstall it without doing anything else? If I also uninstall and reinstall FSX SP2, will this upset all my addons? Peter
  13. As far as I know Dotnet 2.0 was installed when I bought the PC. I certainly have never installed it myself. So FSX should have been installed later. Because CuX works on my laptop, I wonder if it would be possible to copy a file or registry entry over to my main FSX PC. But which file or which registry entry? Reinstalling FSX is something I cannot face, I'm afraid. I have too much accumulated activity/scenery/planes etc. etc. Simconnect is at the heart of so many troubles with FS. FSUIPC is far more stable. I wonder could you use that interface instead. Tim Arnot's Plan-G Flight Planner ran into the same problems, and he added FSUIPC functionality and all his "customers are now happy - they can use either Simconnect or FSUIPC. Peter
  14. Later: I have now found a similar problem reported higher up this topic. I had a look in WinSxS and the 3 Simconnect files are there OK as I would expect as i have no problem with other Simconnect applications. In the Event Viwer, I have the line .NET Runtime 2.0 Error Reporting. Event 5000 many times. (I tried the install many times). I attach a screenshot of my search on ".NET" in Windows One further thought. I have in the past manually edited simconnect.xml and i wonder if I have inadvertantly changed one of the entries which may be relevant. (There are only 2 sets of .comm entries) Could that cause a problem? Peter UK VGA
  15. I have just joined this forum, so I hope I'm not asking an old question. i couldn't see my problem mentioned elsewhere. I have installed CumulusX! 1.5 on my laptop (FSX/SP2) Vista without any problem, although on first run I didn't see any clouds, and debug showed thermals but no lift (time set to July). Haven't tested that further yet. However - big problem - I tried to install CuX on my main FS PC (FSX/SP2 Windows XP SP2 .NET 3.51 FSUIPC4.40 paid version) and I got the error message "CumulusX! has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I redownloaded - same again. The installer gave that message, so I manually placed the files in the right places. Still rthe same message. Reboot PC no difference. I was advised by a fellow UK VGA member to look in the registry and delete any references to Peter Lurkens and start again. There were none to delete. Clearly CuX is failing to even start to install on this PC. There is no anitivirus software on this PC either. Any help much appreciated. Peter UK VGA
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