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  1. The updraughts from these could probably have your hang glider out-climbing your Lightning
  2. I tried that and, for me at least, it didn't work. However, one bit I picked up on the forums which may help is to rename the file EGXB_ADEX_SDB_ALT.bgl (in P3D/Scenery/World/Scenery) as apparently this is the one which controls the altitude of the airfield. I had already followed the instructions above so it may well be that it is a combination of the two which fixes the cliffs. The scenery itself is superb - well worth more than the meagre amount asked for and I am really happy to have it working. I may well now buy other products from their range and see if this 'fix' applies to them as well. EDIT: I spoke too soon. It worked last night for one flight, opened up the sim today and cliffs etc are back.
  3. Delta558


    Hi Joachim, Win7 and yes, it seems to get high frequency but small amounts of altitude change.
  4. Delta558


    Hi Peter, Many thanks for that - I will play about with the areas you suggested and see if I can negate the effect. Cheers, Paul.
  5. Delta558


    I've installed CumulusX as per the instructions, and it loads up automatically when FSX starts. When at altitude (2000ft+) my problem is not noticeable. However, below that height and particularly when on the ground, the aircraft bounce. This happens to all aircraft I have installed (not just the Discus), and I have narrowed it down to CumulusX as the problem is solved instantly by closing the program. I have also tried the usual fixes for bouncing aircraft (lowering terrain mesh resolution, lowering everything terrain related) and still the problem occurs. Just wondering if anybody else is experiencing this, or if anybody has successfully fixed it? Running FSX Acceleration on a good computer! (generally 20-30 fps with all the sliders to the right or as near as dammit) Any help on this would be appreciated.
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