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  1. I just did a full uninstall and reinstall of the Airbus narrowbody and in the settings along a flight can't get it to Pause at TOD or next way point, it just keeps on trucking along. I didn't have this problem before and curious if this is a known issue or not? I am running P3V and have Version installed. Reinstalling it didn't work, trying to cycle the MCDU setting on and off again repeatedly as I pass fixes didn't work,.
  2. I tried your method as well, I'm saying even without a controller attached it does work. That method also didn't work. The only thing that changed was I updated it to .7
  3. I just straight unpluggeed my joystick and can't get it to work with keyboard commands.
  4. Thrust Lever, and no I'm not jumping to a common denominator, it worked before I updated to .7 and after it stopped. No control bindings, it's as close to default as possible.
  5. I'm not sure I understand the question? This is the only addon I have where F2 doesn't engage reverse thrust. It used to prior to the .7 update, after the update it stopped working.
  6. Yes I am. I got them to deploy once after hitting F2 like a maniac but I still can't get them to deploy.
  7. Just wanted to report also having this issues, tried reading the things to fix it with no luck.
  8. Is there a fix for the rear doors not having the grey outline like the front doors?
  9. Bump for the American A319/320 IAE America West Registrations!
  10. Av8ter

    A few observations

    The FO NAV Selector is also FMS (White), Crossside (Yellow), Off (Blank), Na 2 (Green)' ;-) You can verify if you need, I have been flying the CRJ for 8 years and can tell you this is accurate.
  11. Love the CRJ but just some observations, When selecting a new altitude the C-Cord goes off when the selection is within 200 feet of the preselect. It shouldn't do this unless the plane itself deviates more than 200 feet, or 1000, but not during the selection. The Nav Selector on the CA Side should go FMS (White), Nav 1 (Green), Off (Blank), Crossside (Yellow) and stop at each extreme, it shouldn't cycle through them repeatedly, same for the FO Side, it should not repeatedly cycle through them The Radio page should have the selected Transponder displayed in green, they're both white when it's on. MLG Bay Overheat Switch, the audo warning should finish playing even when the switch is released. Forecfully disconnecting the auto pilot by moving the yoke, the auto pilot disconnect sound should continue to play until deselected by the pilot on the yoke or FCP. It's a great product, I don't know if you were aware of these or not, the search function didn't find anything with some key words, but I look forward to any future updates.
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