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  1. Awesome. Ordering now! I am so happy Special thanks to TML Studios and Aerosoft for their hard work. :goodjob_s:
  2. Hello Paul, Yes indeed, in the beginning it feels very strange controlling the gas/brake via steering wheel buttons. However, I am sure that this setting will be just temporary for us (G25 and Logitech Wingman problems will be eventually fixed...many others have these models as well). However, if I was unable to steer - the game would be a no-go for me. Trying to steer with a keyboard is very difficult and funny as well (just like you said). I am also sad about what happened at the TML Studios forum. Hopefully they will add much stronger security measures in the future. I live in Windsor, Ontario - on the border with Detroit. Neven
  3. Hello Paul, No problem. I am happy to help you. I am sure that TML will fix the G25 problem (just a matter of time). Unfortunately since their forum has been temporarily closed, I am not sure how far they have progressed in resolving this issue (I am a member there as well and I have been watching many threads with attention). I know that it is unrealistic and feels weird to control the gas/brake via buttons on the steering wheel but I got used to it. I've been playing the demo for a few days now and I love it. Greetings from Canada, Neven
  4. Hello Paul, I have the same problem with my old Logitech Wingman (Formula Force GP). My steering works fine, but gas/brake pedals - do not. Basically, I assign 2 buttons on my wheel (for gas and brake). It is not realistic, but at least I can steer. I have read on the TML Sudios forum that they are working on a solution for the G25. Neven
  5. Paul, TML Studios is a German company, so it does not come as a surprise that they are focusing on the German version first. As far as I know, final testing is in progress and if there are no delays - the English version will be released on time. It will also include updates once it's released (so we will not have to download them). Neven
  6. Waiting is always the hardest part. Hopefully, the English version will be released soon. Neven
  7. Truly wonderful news, indeed. I am so happy. Good luck with the development. I am sure that Aerosoft Flight Simulator will be the best flight sim ever.
  8. I am looking forward very much to the English release of City Bus Simulator 2010. The truck looks awesome. Keep up the wonderful work.
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