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  1. Hi there thanks for the reply. because i don't have the pro version it will not install thanks any way :). Jordan
  2. Hi all, is any body willing to make a Repaint for an A321 Aerosoft. just the normal one that i bought off Steam. The repaint is VH-VWN an A321 that fly's with Jetstar. I flew it in 2017 when they just got it. i flew it from Melbourne to gold coast coming from the Avalon air show and another flight in 2019 Gold Coast to Melbourne an yet again Melbourne to Gold Coast from the Avalon Air Show. I attached an image of it when i flew it last year to Melbourne, thanks:)?
  3. actually just realized it is the pro i only have the stander version is there any chance that you could make it for the steam addition thanks jordan
  4. never mind so sorry i meant the 64 when you sey pro does that mean a320/a231 professional because i dont have that i have the fsx normal one that i got off steam hop any one can do it thanks. Jordan
  5. Does anybody have VH-VWN an A321 i flew on last year to Melbourne from the Gold coast and back or if anybody can make a livery. thanks so much i attached a picture of it thanks? Jordan
  6. hey for some reason i still cant get it to work can anyone help please i flew on this aircraft last year thanks.
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