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  1. Hello i just got my bravo . Downloaded the driver from your site installed it start up sim and led are on but my sim crashes . I tried 4 times and i get this error . Please see attachment . Is there a fix for this.
  2. okay sure> i wish there was another way to fix this problem
  3. i cannot fly to certain places because its a killer on fps. i have a xps 710 with a quad core. 4 gb of ram 2 tera byte harddrive. 8800gtx. how to fix this problem with my traffic x 2010? i like my traffic to be 100%.
  4. hey suppose i have already installed my traffic x 5.0 a currently. and now i want to install my traffic 2010. Do i need to uninstall my traffic x 5.0a before installing the new one? or it will uninstall itself when i install the new one? and how do u uninstall the old my traiffic x 5.0A?
  5. okay thanks. thats is what i am going to to do. they are more products i need to buy
  6. I just bought my traffic x 2010 from aerosoft download version, when I am downloading it shows 38.7 kb/s and that is to slow. And sometimes it get stuck. Any recommendations? I was thinking of downloading it to another pc and put it on a thumb drive? Will that work? Let me know.
  7. where can i buy aersoft my traffic x the new one? i would want the download version? thanks.
  8. Question for you: what your trying to say is that to buy a new my traffic x new version?
  9. i am using windows vista 32 bit. okay so install 5.2a and it will do everything automatically right?
  10. no sir i dont speak german only english i am sorry fr troubling you. well try your best to explain. i will pick up i think.
  11. so in my traffic x it is already activated then if that is what u mean? i cannot sctivate the dx 10 anymore. or there is a setting?
  12. hey i bought my traffic x 5.0A a cd boxed version. when i go to a airport it slows down my fps. is there any patches or anything to fix this proble. i am using a quad core processor 2.4ghz. i would love to enjoy this product more. thanks. also have sp1 and sp2 and yes for fsx.
  13. hey i installed my traffic x for fsx with sp1 and sp2. when i open fsx and click on fly now. my fps just drops, with my traffic x working. i wonder what the problem is. thanks. is there any way to rectify the problem? using a a quad core processsor 2.4ghz
  14. Hey I just aerosoft, new member. This is really good news that aerosoft will make the flight sim. Request for aerosoft if they can give full details of every airport out there, for example people at the tarmac ground people etc. Better atc services. Real simulation planes which have proper start up. Better texture and scenarie. Well I wish aerosoft the best.
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