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  1. My airspeed drops while at 290 knots to 140 knots while crusining hopefully doing a manual uninstall will fox this issue .
  2. I understand that . But isnt there left over files somewhere so we can uninstall it Manually .
  3. Where should i go to uninstall manual files ?
  4. Hello . I just updated the patch , downloaded it from instant downloads from my aerosoft account . Started sim and my efb is showing crossing blue , gdi issue . Taking off and flying i get this cabin altitude pressure issue , no idea how to get rid of it even on the over head . And also i get this bleed air issue when in cruising . Overhead looks normal . Should i do a full uninstall? Let me know .
  5. I tried with all controls assignments are off ! still doesnt work . Yaw dampers is enabled , any other fix for this .
  6. Well i got no Errors on the CAS , all systems look good , but cant activate autopilot sir .
  7. one more issue , my autopilot wont engage it keeps dosconnecting i am using the bravo , whats your advise how to fox this ?
  8. Engine 2 starts , Engine 1 spools up to 20’percent and hit the red thing to ignite fuel and it goes up to 28 percent . But it shows low oil pressure . No idea how to fix . Regards
  9. Fixed tgat one , but now my left engine spoolsup to 22 percent , i hit the fuel lecer up and go on idle but it says low oil pressure it doesnt generate wny more power , any advise ? Its for engine 1
  10. The person keep saying disengage . And the pfd things keeps shaking . I have uninstalled it and re installed it and same issue . Any fix for this ? IMG_4135.MOV
  11. Hello i just got my bravo . Downloaded the driver from your site installed it start up sim and led are on but my sim crashes . I tried 4 times and i get this error . Please see attachment . Is there a fix for this.
  12. okay sure> i wish there was another way to fix this problem
  13. i cannot fly to certain places because its a killer on fps. i have a xps 710 with a quad core. 4 gb of ram 2 tera byte harddrive. 8800gtx. how to fix this problem with my traffic x 2010? i like my traffic to be 100%.
  14. hey suppose i have already installed my traffic x 5.0 a currently. and now i want to install my traffic 2010. Do i need to uninstall my traffic x 5.0a before installing the new one? or it will uninstall itself when i install the new one? and how do u uninstall the old my traiffic x 5.0A?
  15. okay thanks. thats is what i am going to to do. they are more products i need to buy
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