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  1. Thanks for the answer, something more convincing. As you will understand, I just ask, and with this I don't think I disturb anyone.
  2. Can someone give me a convincing answer, about what one can or can't do about each other? I have installed and used for years GSX and lately GSX 2, before when flying in FSX I used AES, but since I moved to Prepar3D being AES Incompatible tube that acquire GSX, AES you have to pay with GSX not to do the same, GSX is compatible with FSX ,
  3. As in UPDATE today you could upgrade to both versions of the AIRBUS and I have both, I upgraded the A318-319 first and made a flight with an A318 CFM a flight of about 600nm to FL245 and with Active Sky weather, everything has worked perfectly without any Failure. Since in the dos it is the same update, I will apply it on the A320-321, I will perform on the same flight with an A320 CFM.
  4. Do I think it would be better, this one's arrival? According to the winds.
  5. The Canary Islands are incomplete without the next 2, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. ¿Sim-Wings plans to incorporate these two, in the near future, as they did with Las Baleares.?
  6. I haven't noticed the houses in the air, until I've watched my video, when applying the hot-fix you've corrected it.
  7. I hope this Upd, correct the error of the elevation of the houses in the air to the Left of the head of the RWY 27 All the rest of the scenery excellent view, resolution and uplift from the ground
  8. Today I bought it, a good job by Sim-Wings, very real
  9. Thanks…. When it's for sale, and take a little time running around here. I'll take a while to print 500 bills that say they exist, but few are seen.
  10. At the moment it is a purchase that I consider in the future, at the moment I do not acquire the controls and the quadrant, because they do not include or manufacture pedals, if they had planned this I would have already placed the order. Do they have compatibility with some of those already on the market?
  11. I'm sorry for the delay in the response and its mistakes, I use Google Translator, and between reading and responding a few minutes, I am not English-speaking only Spanish and as much language Ecuatorial Guinea BUBI or FANG Since it is an English airport and in England the vehicles circulate on the Left, why don't you drive down the most left street to join the 27L, since in it if there is the waiting point?
  12. Thank you, the truth is that in depth I have not stopped to read from day one the whole manual, just a few things, and as always the departures and arrivals I always do from the GATE, they say that you will never go to bed without knowing anything else.
  13. I see that in the mofification of you of the afcad, you remove from root a TAXI, in my opinion without removing the taxi and putting CLOSED would leave I think unusable for the AI, such as on that piece of TAXI marked in 1 and selected closed in 2 What do AEROSOFT and/or SIMWINGS think of that?
  14. I've taken a few minutes off sleep, to get you the capture of The AFCAD
  15. Sorry RAY, I do not have installed any Addon AI, unless I put in the P3D v4.5 to the maximum the AI in Airplanes, and see what happens, for now I have it at 5%, tomorrow Monday afternoon I will put you a sticky copy of the screen of the AFCAD complete , from the ADE v175 app
  16. But in Heathrow Professional v1.1 for Prepar3D v4.x in the AFCAD file <EGLL_AFX-STD.BGL> this is a waiting point to join the RWY 27L
  17. True, the file does not appear in the installation. I was going to check that file in my installation, and as NOPPERLE writes it doesn't appear.
  18. In the aFCAD that is by default in the SCENERY of Prepar3D v4.5, there is no such problem, I think?
  19. If you look at the video, you will see it, at the beginning load Containers and on arrival download Suitcases, on departure in a GATE and on arrival on Platform.
  20. I don't know what PC you'll have, but I'm doing great, and no pulls of frames......
  21. I, already a long time ago, had this problem, after several conversations in the forum, downloads, tests etc....... we managed to fix everything. I recommend you update EVERYTHING... Windows and applications, drivers etc....
  22. If you have the Active Sky for P3D v4 and you use it with ASCA, more realism, I have been trying for years to make departure and arrival flights in Barcelona when there are Storms..... if you have a Powerful PC and GRAPHICS and RAM.... I don't get my frames down or I've got pulls anything, even having everything to ultra
  23. I don't know if it's the responsibility of GSX or Aerosoft, but if at the departure airport, in the rear cargo compartments, they are loaded with containers, why are bags unloaded instead of cantainers at the arrival? Will it be for not being in a GATE with ramp and instead be in parking platform?
  24. Right, besides the COOLing of the CPU in the Laptops, is its bottle neck, however portable for games and many Dollars that you spend
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