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  1. It happens to me the same thing that you describe in point 1 with the A330, already happened that same with the A318,319,320,321 Pro when it went on sale, they solved it after a short time.
  2. DAVE : Because in PFPX there is no PROFILE for the Airbus A333 if there is the A332, which is not the case. And I think the values do not coincide, and when I create a flight plan, I want them to be in accordance with the aircraft I'm using, so I look for them in Airliner Performance.net, where I can download and apply it in PFPX, SimBrief use it very rarely, is more use PFPX and AivlaSoft together.
  3. At last I got the bird to start, step to explain how I got it>>>>(all the following is based on this IMAGE) When I got to this stage of the CHECHLIST, where in the upper bar I was supposed to have said START MOTOR 1, he didn't tell me anything, even with voice, that either, before setting the selector to IGN START, I pressed CTRL+E trying to see if it starts, then I think I remembered I set the SELECTOR to IGN START then the ENGINE MASTER 1 to ON......after a few seconds I START the Engine 1, indicating by voice MOTOR 1 Stabilized, and in the bar this time if I started MPOTOR 2 including the VOICE, put the ENGINE MASTER 2 in ON started.....and the sequence followed correctly the CHECKLIST. A failure or BUG, that also came out in the A320/321, is that when starting the TAXI the AIRBUS accelerates me the only one having the levers in IDLE even pressing F1, continues accelerating. The bug I think is in the sequence file of the CHECKLIST
  4. And with the PFPX with the profile imported from Aerlinerperformance.net for this Airbus A330, creating a flight plan, the data generated will be correct, to apply them, without having to use the SimBrief?
  5. I don't know what you've done, but the ERROR persists. At least in my PC, the rest silent, I do not know.
  6. Well, NOTHING, nor by those, trying from platform without PUSHBACK or GSX activated or anything .....there is no way that the bloody plane of the c...s start. If you are interested in AEROSOFT (doubt) I have the video......
  7. Now I'll try leaving from Parking in front of Barcelona's T1, without using PUSHBACK or GSX. I will see if the same thing happens....By the way PUTTING BATTERIES ON
  8. I've also tried that several times, and it doesn't influence.....so that the engines start, if you want I'll put a video and you'll see it.... If you take a good look and listen, during the checklist the PILOT and/or the COPILOT put them ON.
  9. I've already added the English. Excuse me.
  10. Si alguien me indica QUE HAGO MAL AQUI o que hace mal el CHECHLIST, se lo agradezco. If anyone tells me WHAT I DO EVIL HERE or what CHECHLIST does wrong, I thank you.
  11. I meant this...... I will put the video before me, if we agree, and someone tells me what is what in the CHECKLIST of the Pilot and Copilot do BAD, and if I do something wrong.
  12. I don't read anywhere, that they worry about the problem exposed here.....neither urgent nor anything like it, I would be silent if someone from AEROSOFT published a video with their A330 aircraft with the CHECKLIST of pilot and co-pilot activated in a flight plan, including the pusback with GSX, and in which the START of the engines is observed. The one put by DAVE above.
  13. As you can see we are already some more, with this bug, sure that there are more that say nothing, if you want to put the link to the last video I created with different forms of attempts, the video is from COOL & DARCK.... 1GB. with Airbus A330
  14. Nothing, THERE IS NO WAY FOR ME TO START THE AIRBUS....following the CHECHLIST of Pilot and Co-pilot, after REINSTALLING the Little Airplane of m....a, even deactivating the GSX nor making pusbach etc...... Can someone tell me what can happen to me...? since I have seen that I am not the ONLY one.
  15. Looking and searching in the bowels ........ possibly I have FOUND the fault, I step to describe it, in case someone publishes the data to be entered, and not wait for Aerosoft Update. In the files Aircraft_318_319.xml and Aircraft_320_321.xml, looking at them I discovered that THERE IS NO INPUT <Trim_data>.....</Trim_data> in CoG values, entry that if you have the Aircraft_A330.xml THIS IS THE FAULT of not calculating the Fuel Planner data. I repeat only with someone to put here for the staff to copy and edit the file correctly, and not wait for an UPDATE. it's been easy, if there's an interest in something starting to work.
  16. This same I was going to expose now, because I realized when I tried to create the fuel plan in an A321, if you look at the A330 works well, this happens since the INSTALLATION of the A330, and not only this happens to me. The image of my plan >>>>>>
  17. Look at the video....... that I just answered TOM, but I don't think that your answer is the wrong one for me. What do I have to wait for the same thing to happen to another user, one would have to be left over.
  18. NO In the following video I show you what happens to me, easier to see than have to read, I have only put the final cut of the video, if you want to put everything, but I think that's enough. VIDEO en Youtube
  19. I'll create a VIDEO from COOL & DARK to the PUSHBACH pass and you'll see it.
  20. Yes, as I always do with the previous Airbus.....I following the indications of GSX.....like those of the CHECKLIST of the Pilot and co-pilot
  21. I have made several attempts that while I am making the PUSHBACK and that the Turbines start and do not start, I use GSX 2 with the last update installed, reaches the STOP position, and the turbine 1 that is the one that has always started has not started or stabilized, GsX tells me to apply Parking Breakes, I apply them, and nothing the turbines does not start, GSX continues to tell me that it expects me to confirm the start of the two turbines, which is impossible. I use the CHECKS of Pilot and co-pilot in ON, in the versions of the A318,319,320,321 I have never had that problem.....
  22. Someone who publishes or edits a profile for the A330 and be able to put it with THE CORRECT AND UPDATED DATA in the Professional Flight Planer X, there is only in PFPX the A330-200, and of course when creating a flight plan with PFPX to use it later with the values of 200 that are not the same as the A330-343 RR put on sale does nothing in Aerosoft.
  23. I have found a quick and easy solution, just edit "manually" the file Aerosoft CRJ Tutorial.fxml, and as I have remarked in red, put the same and everything solved, and loads a CRJ700 with EFB, and the tutorial in PDF can be followed correctly NOTE: Only for the PROFESSIONAL CRJ version, for those who do not have this version installed DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING.
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