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  1. I don't see the answer lol.
  2. Out Of Memory leads to graphic corruption. Most likely from the NGX high res textures
  3. Please post in the preview forum. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/49292-airbus-x-extended/
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I will look at it when I am free. Apparently I have lost my source files for the v0.8f2 but I will make a incremental patch that installs on top of it.
  5. A short video I put together. Just for viewing pleasure.
  6. ok looks like your asc.cfg file is not default or your ABSYSTEM.xml is not default otherwise the patcher would have done a correct job. I will post a manual installation soon and then see how it goes for you.
  7. Look here the 2500 included already http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/45832-more-callouts-%3Bd/page__pid__366631#entry366631
  8. New minor update coming soon: Revision to Pitch Trim Very beta stall protection Release expected by this sunday. Released!
  9. Most likely your throttle is not calibrated properly. On the airbus if your throttle is idle, you should see the IDLE word on the upper ecam
  10. There is a problem with the retard callout such that it continously play when in autoland CAT3 DUAL. To be fixed whenever i can.
  11. Alright, Me and Marcel have worked together to release this verison that include a easy patcher and is compatible with all version of my FBW. CHANGELOG: NEW 2500 FT, 70 FT, 60 FT, 5 FT Callouts Retard Continous play for below 20ft. That should be it. DOWNLOAD http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33517934/aerosoft.airbus.x.callouts.patcher-patch.exe
  12. In FSUIPC, try lowering your delta to 1 and see if there is any improvements. You may also want to calibrate your joystick. Also, Real World Airbus FBW do not actuate the flight controls like what you would expect in 737. if you want something not as realistic but more sensitive then use v0.8f2
  13. The FBW requires Registered FSUIPC for axis input from your joystick. Without it, the FBW cant recieve your inputs. I really do not have the time now at this cruical year to do a module that can replace FSUIPC purpose. i think that you should uninstall this and revert back to FBW v0.8f2. Thanks alot for your interest.
  14. AND As with new things, it is more precise and accurately simulating the FBW. New stuff include Side stick now command GLoad Side stick now command Roll rate. Rudder Auto-coordination included. Should elminate any autoland problem Rudder is SO much better PID controllers again to tune RAW joystick input sensitivity etc. And many others that I forgot.
  15. Would you do me a favour by copying the Log onto the clipboard and the paste it here. Thanks! EDIT: Try alpha1d first. Thanks!
  16. OK i found the problem screwing you up. Hit me up with a PM and i will provide you a solution.
  17. Can you uninstall it first using the uninstaller? the uninstaller do have bugs. If you still have problem do PM me. It is an alpha (VERY beta) version by the way.
  18. Introduction: I have seen many people here due to nose drop or any other FBW problems, disable the FBW. I have use xml to program a FBW code using PID and many others. I have inserted my own pause logic as well to work in tadem with Aerosoft code. This FBW require FSUIPC. This gauge is in no way related to aerosoft and its for your own personal use. Upon the request of many people and support from the people who helped me like Gary from Project Airbus and FSDevelopers, I will release a incomplete version. Its not the best rendition but I guess it is good enough for daily flying. This is a complete new build. New Features / Differences from v0.8 Side stick now command GLoad Side stick now command Roll rate. Rudder Auto-coordination included. Should elminate any autoland problem Rudder is SO much better PID controllers again to tune RAW joystick input sensitivity etc. And many others that I forgot. WARNINGS: THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH MERGES! BACKUP FIRST FSX MUST BE CLOSED WHEN INSTALLING REQUIREMENTS: Joystick REGISTERED FSUIPC for axis input. (This can be done away if aerosoft provide a dll module like the FADEC (which I have no access to) for axis input. Installation: THOSE WHO USED have ANY OLDER FBW VERSION MUST REINSTALL AIRBUS X Run the appropriate .exe patcher that will patch your files. There are four (one for now A320 only) patchers. Recommend to install one patcher first and test out then apply all. FSUIPC Required. FSUIPC Config FIles: LUA.zip INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the FSUIPC CONFIG FILES files in to FSXINSTALLDIRECTORY\Modules. AirbusXInstallInstructions.pdf Please feedback any praise or comments or criticism you have. Also, a little thanks post goes a long, long way. LATEST VERSION: V1.0alpha1g THOSE WHO USED have ANY OLDER FBW than V1.0alphaf VERSION MUST REINSTALL AIRBUSX FIRST DOWNLOAD: Direct from Aerosoft: FBWCODEBETAv1.0alpha1g.zip Mirror: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33517934/FBWCODEBETAv1.0alpha1g.zip LUA Files: LUA.zip CHANGELOG: V1.0 alpha 1a - First Public Release V1.0 alpha 1b - Added A320 IAE Changed the way raw joystick data is handled by FBW. Joystick sensitivity changed. Flare added. Pitch and bank sensitivity addresed (More precise) . V1.0 alpha1c - Fixed compatibilty with More Callouts Uninstaller bugs fixed and detect installation beter. V1.0 alpha1d - PItch Trim imporvements. Added experimental A321 CFM. Patches Woes fix attempt Many more that I forgot. V1.0 alpha1e - Very beta stall protection Added experimental A321 IAE. PItch Trim Revisions. V1.0 alpha1f - Rewrite Trim and Pitch Commands Smoother Pitch commands V1.0 alpha1g - Rewrote Roll command Removed A321 IAE. Fixed all patch issues. Upcoming Versions (to be implemented) - Stall Protection (Not alpha floor, but it is to keep the AoA from reaching stall) - Overspeed Protection (Need to research) - Any other sugestions for FBW only? LEGAL STUFF This mod is released as FREEWARE. You may use and modify it in any way you wish, but you may NOT use it in any kind of money-making endeavor, and you may NOT publicly distribute any copies of it , whether modified or not, without my permission. Regards, Joshua Che aerosoft.airbus.x.fbw.code.patcher-patchv1.0alpha1aA320CFM.zip FBWCODEBETAv1.0alpha1c.zip FBWCODEBETAv1.0alpha1d.zip FBWCODEBETAv1.0alpha1e.zip FBWCODEBETAv1.0alpha1f.zip
  19. Changing Joystick sensitivity in fsx control will help or using my alternative FBW will help ur problem
  20. Thanks I got what i needed! Regards, Joshua Che.
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