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  1. Christopher J

    Not Seeing Winter Textures

    Have the Updated version Of EDDK and have sim set to winter but not seeing winter textures unless I leave the boundaries of the Scenery area
  2. Christopher J

    Trying to Install

    Downloaded from Flight soft, installed with no problems and up and running good, Also made sure Antivirus SW. was not running. Thank You all for the help, Merry Christmas.
  3. Christopher J

    Trying to Install

    I will download direct from Flightsoft and will turn off all anti, Will report back, Thanks
  4. Christopher J

    Trying to Install

    Ran installer to D drive and no go
  5. Christopher J

    Trying to Install

    I did both clean cache, downloaded from Chrome and From Explorer ran both installers and continue to get errors
  6. Christopher J

    Trying to Install

    From the Aerosoft shop under instant downloads, each time I do a install I download the installer again, using Chrome browser
  7. Christopher J

    Trying to Install

    I have Team viewer installed if you would like to do a session
  8. Christopher J

    Trying to Install

    I have erased all folders and each time I try to Run the installer as admin I keep getting errors
  9. Removed old version of PFPX and installing new version 2.03 and all I get is these messages
  10. Christopher J

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    Will we see this airport in our Simulators on a Cold November Morning?
  11. Christopher J

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    Have you guys had the chance to see how This scenery will work and perform with GSX2?
  12. Christopher J

    A small problem

    Hello oliver I have FSX and Win XP with aes 8. I have tried several time uninstalling and re. with Imagine MYNN and I still get the message that it is not activated in the scenery and i have resync aes and still have the same proble any suggestions Thanks Chris.
  13. Christopher J

    Meigs Field is back! - US Cities X - Chicago

    Hello Mathijs How are you doing I hope all is well. Is there any chance That this Scenery could Include the New Skyscraper they are building in Chicago that will be the Tallest Building.
  14. If it is possible could you tell me is at any time any one from aerosoft has come up with the Idea to Create a true to life Blimp for FS. I would like to know if it would be possible to fly one around the cities and so on. Just wondering?