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  1. When powering up my CRJ, the middle two screens work, but the two in front of the pilot/co-pilot remain black. I saw somewhere this may be a simconnect issue? I didn't see a fix for it so I am hoping someone here can help! Thanks!
  2. I got it started. Seemed to be an issue with Simconnect or Coutal, not sure which one.
  3. Thats very odd considering i did not do that yesterday and it worked fine...
  4. I flew this same CRJ yesterday, after updating it, with no issues. Since then I have attempted to fly it twice today with no luck. I have even consulted a real world CRJ captain and he has no idea what is happening (he was even on the aerosoft crj dev team). Here is a screenshot of my overhead. Everything seems to be correct, but when I hit start nothing happens. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Screenshot
  5. I have done everything on this page. When I go into the livery, all of this is already done and correct just as you have it but I still have these errors. What should I try next?
  6. I am having issues with this livery. My cockpit is almost completely black and the outside paint is very poor. I can post some screenshots if that will help. Thanks
  7. I see youve locked my question. But I cannot find the answer to my question. I see some people change HDR settings, but on most of the stock models everything works fine, it is just on some of these add on liveries.

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