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  1. UPDATE I got the livery to install on the livery manager, and it is in there, but now it is not showing up in P3D! So frustrated!
  2. I had the MetroAir repaints of the A320 and A321 installed fine this morning. Due to an issues with ChasePlane I had to reinstall the Aerosoft Prof Bundle. Now when I go to the livery manager and try to load it, it just freezes the livery manager! What is going on! I am beyond frustrated!
  3. Got it to work. I have to manually delete the files your un installer left over. Glad I did that...
  4. I am doing that and I am having major issues. I have made a post about this in the diverse section here
  5. And now this! This is so frustrating!
  6. Nevermind, I got to one and it didnt give me option of retry and just quit.
  7. I am getting alot of NavData errors though...
  8. Now I can hit retry and it seems to be pushing it through?
  9. I am having some serious issues so I figured I would reinstall. I uninstalled and now have re-downloaded from simmarket. It almost completes the install and I get this error message! This is my favorite airplane and its a bummer I cant fly it right now! Send help! Thanks!
  10. Hey All! So i have been having this issue with the A319. I have always flown this aircraft and I am very proficient at it and have never had this issue until a week or so ago. I go to start the APU like normal and I cant navigate to the APU page on the lower display. It only shows the Door/OXY page and I can't get off of it. After I have started the APU, I go to push and can't start either engine. The selector is on Start and I am starting one engine at a time. Again, I have never had this issue before two weeks ago. Not sure whats different. I did do an update from the ASUpdater. What is going on! Also, I can start the A320 just fine doing everything I just did. Thanks!
  11. I have done everything on this page. When I go into the livery, all of this is already done and correct just as you have it but I still have these errors. What should I try next?
  12. https://prnt.sc/k72f0l https://prnt.sc/k72fyt
  13. I am having issues with this livery. My cockpit is almost completely black and the outside paint is very poor. I can post some screenshots if that will help. Thanks
  14. I see youve locked my question. But I cannot find the answer to my question. I see some people change HDR settings, but on most of the stock models everything works fine, it is just on some of these add on liveries.

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