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  1. Hello, In the configurator, when I click on the Lever 1 Go Around button, only the button Lever 2 Go Around button is showing in the profile editor... It seems that the option to choose Lever 1 Go Around in the editor is not available. It seems to be a new issue I couldn't solve, even by a fresh install of the program. So, I cannot map a function to this button anymore. Thanks for your idea on the subject.
  2. Version 1.0.2


    Here is my Bravo profile for the last update of the Mitsubishi MU-2 available here : https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/mitsubishi-marquise-p-226?osCsid=t30cdo8k0b8vrtusvgc6gjj0v4 The altitude selection via the rotary knobs of the Bravo is still inoperative. Il will provide an update as soon as the developper will implement a new dataref.
  3. Hello, I did not program the AP functions in the configurator, but mapped them in the XP menu. For me, all the lights are working this way.
  4. Hello Colin, As sayed in my description, I mapped all the buttons of the automatic pilot directly in XP menu, not in the configurator. Be careful to use the specific datarefs of the TBM. All the lights should then work. For me, they do.
  5. Hello Jim, It appears to me in .json format when downloaded. Perhaps may you try 7zip to download the file ? Cheers, Daniel.
  6. Perhaps try to download the file again... It may be corrupted.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my Bravo config file for the HotStart TBM 900 (fantastic add-on for X-Plane). You will have to map your AP buttons in the X-Plane menu (nb 1-8) by using the specific commands of the TBM (go to "tbm900/actuators/ap"). For my own, I mapped the REV button to VNAV and the IAS to Flight Level Change. In fact, I did not make any change to the Honeycomb default config file at this point, so the X-Plane commands should also work... The CRS function of the rotary knob (nb 14) works for the course when the CDI is selected to LOC. I mapped the button nb 10 of my throttle 1 to the function "basic/toggle beta prop" ("do nothing" for nb 11) : so, when the throttle is fully back, it activates the reverse range and if pushed a bit forwards, it goes to taxy range. Otherwise, from flight idle to feather and high idle, I'm using the mouse... The annunciators illuminate as they shoud. For CAS messages : - Low oil pressure. - Low fuel pressure. - Vaccum low (I had to ask to the devs the good dataref and value...). - Low volts is for "Low voltage". - Parking Brake. - Door : illuminates when one door stays open. - APU is for GPU Door (illuminates when the GPU is still connected). - Starter engaged for... Starter - Aux Fuel Pump is for "AUX BOOST PMP ON" (switches ON when the pump is set on ON, switches OFF when the pump switch is on AUTO). - ANTI ICE is ON to remember you setting the two pitot switches to ON. - Low Hyd Pressure has nothing to do here with hydraulics : illumininates for INERT SEP ON. Master Warning or Master Caution illuminates when one of these messages appears. There is no test fire button in this aircraft, so I do not know if Engire Fire illuminates when it happens... If you notice some issue, I will do my best to add some correction.
  8. Hello Imparatus, I think it's better to map your AP knobs in the x-plane menu. The datarefs are only useful for mapping the INC-DEC rotary knob and for the leds. But maybe I did not understood what you were wanted to do.
  9. Thank you very much for this profile. All functions are working very well. I made some changes for myself by creating new events for altitude and heading, which allow different "repeat activation" settings (the rotation of the heading bug, for example, is a bit too slow). Also made a change for the CRS selector : you have mapped it to the GPS, but it is more useful to change the course in the HSI (to match the ILS heading) : the command is OBS_HSI or something like that. Cheers.
  10. Version 1.2


    Hello, Here is the config file I made for my Bravo Throttle Quadrant. All the autopilot functions, with LEDS, are working fine. Caution : - I mapped the REV button of the Bravo to the VNAV switch in the cockpit and the NAV one to LNAV. - The IAS button of the Quadrant is for LEVEL CHANGE. - The CRS option of the left rotary button is available for the COURSE button in the cockpit. Or course, you will have to map all the AP switches of the Bravo in X-Plane settings menu, by using the IXEG specific commands (from left to right : heading mode, LNAV mode, APP mode, VNAV mode, ATL HOLD, VS, LEVEL CHANGE and CMD A Toggle) : you will find them in "ixeg/autopilot" (be aware that the x-plane generic commands of the autopilot will not work and the leds will not illuminate on your quadrant). Sorry, I did not map the annunciators of the Bravo yet : I do not use them and prefer to look into the cockpit... Hope you will enjoy it to fly this marvellous add-on.
  11. Don't reply to the post above, I found the appropriate datarefs to map the LEDS. I will submit my file for download...
  12. Hello, I have some problems to map the leds of my Bravo Throttle Quadrant for the IXEG 737/300. To illumate the NAV button (of the Quadrant), I think I have to use this dataref : ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_lnav_act. The dataref "sim/cockpit2/autopilot/nav_status" does not work (strange, because x-plane datarefs are working with the other functions of the IXEG autopliot, except for this one, and the VNAV function, that I mapped successfully to the REV button of the Quadrant). But what is the value I have to put in the Honeycomb Configurator ? When I type "1" or ">=1", the nav button illuminates, but it stays in that status even if I click on it (the LNAV button on the MCP switches off, but not the button of the quadrant). Thanks for your help, Daniel.
  13. Hello, I don't know if it's your case. I am using the Bravo Throttle Quadrant, and for now, I removed all the bindings related to the autopilot. I am just using the throttles and the flaps handle. I switch on the buttons in the cockpit. No more issues since then with Speed or VS mode.
  14. Hello, I had the same issue trying to configurate the Bravo Throttle for the CRJ. I mapped the two axis as indicated in the tutorial in MSFS2020 Options, but I got a message telling me that these axis were not recommended for this option. In the CRJ EFB, the axis were not recognized. But here is the point : in MSFS Options menu, don't choose manually your axis in the list by clicking on its name ; click directly at the place where your new axis has to be selected, and move your throtlle : MSFS2020 will then recognize it instantly. And then, no problem to configurate these 2 axis in the CRJ. I don't know why, but it works like this... Perhaps this tip should be added in the tutorial, for dummy people like me... Hope it will help, Daniel. PS : thanks to Aerosoft for the livery...
  15. Hello Segwin I think you should calibrate the X52 throttle without a reverse axis. I have the same one, and I do not have this issue (I get the other one, as some users : instability of thrust in some circumstances). To activate the reverse, I use a button mapped to the "decrease throttle" function (attention : not the reverse toggle function, it doesn't work). I use the same trick in X-Plane : the difference is that in MSFS, you cannot adjust the amount of reverse by moving the throttle forward. I do not know why "reverse toggle" is not operational in the CRJ... Cheers, Daniel.
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