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  1. PetterWS

    How to desinstall aircaft addon

    hey you deletes in aircraft folder
  2. how can you load flight plan on airbus a320 ? from simbrif.
  3. PetterWS

    how i update Gdansk Airport

    How i Update gdansk airport as i have buy for erali on this year.
  4. Hvorfor viser den ikke farten eller HDG ?
  5. d displayet speeden og HDG Går bort
  6. so 8 GB i not good for x plane 11?
  7. PetterWS


    I know but this install are not the same as you have write here.
  8. PetterWS

    EDDT Winter Textures Issue

    I ?
  9. PetterWS


    Hello everybody how install EDDT on x plane from this shop? I hope someone can give me feedback.