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  1. A320 1.0.7 RELEASE-versjon publisert. Dette er den kumulative versjonen med fikser fra betaversjoner fra 1.0.2 til 1.0.6. Full liste bellow:
  2. New update have come yo x plane store! so when shall the come to aersoft store? 2.4.6 (June 17th 2020) - added support for X-Plane 11.50 running on Vulkan - added VHF radio info file for PilotEdge - added violations in the air-fuel mixture in which the engine can stop if the engine igniter is not turned on: heavy rains, icing of the engine, high turbulence, low fuel pressure - deleted an option to enable BULK Temperature EICAS displays - turned off sound notification "warning", and light "caution" - during the "Fire detection test" - fixed ground service objects drawing in X-Plane 11.50 (Vulkan) - fixed lamps for fire extinguishing handles - fixed TAI indication - fixed radials rendering for tuned navaids and fix info - fixed clock display - fixed logic of heat exchanging between fuel and environment air when wing anti-ice is active - fixed some IRS lamps and states logic - fixed DH window on the efis control panel - fixed some buttons and lamps - fixed THOMSON livery in in-pack livery package
  3. on aersoft page, store you download it.
  4. how can i download fuel cold and dark on 757? the fuel are in LBS not KG so how i fix it
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