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  1. Please help, where do I find the Landing and Taxi Lights in the same format, I mean something like this: light.10 = 5, 3.90, 0.00, -9.10, fx_landing , light.11 = 6, 2.30, 0.00, 4.85, fx_landing , 5=landing 6=taxi
  2. Anyway, to avoid CTD you shold start FSX session with a standart FSX aircraft. After you see your plane in position, you shoul select the AirbusX. This little trick avoid the CTD! Cheers
  3. I'm using "TOPCAT" - Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool to get the accurate Trim set for Take Off.
  4. Actually I did: "The barometric-altimeter MDA or the radio-altimeter DH should be set in line with Airbus’ SOPs or company’s SOPs." So, If we are planning a Non precision approach => SET MDA with barometric Altitude if we are planning a Precision approach => set DH with Radioaltimeter altitude. Also callaouts came from radioaltimeter, same as GPWS terrain aletrs
  5. Thanks for your fast repply. I have to admit I've read all the manuals included and did not found what I'm concerning at. Indeed this is an intermediat user plane, but I'm interested in knowing if the real A/C the DH & MDA is referred to radioaltimeter altitud..... This concern is about Airbus rather than airbusX.
  6. Hallo! Thanks again for this beautifull plane. Configuring the MCDU for the approach fase and reading the approach plate, just wanted to know if MDA (for Non precision approach) or DH (for precision approach) are referred to radioaltimeter or barometric altitud. The competition has a knob in which you can set which altitud is referring at. Thanks.
  7. Roger! Thank you very much, appreciate your fast reply.
  8. Summary: 1.- AirbusX MCDU share the same DATA extracted from Navigraph -> Cheyenne/Fokker/Mustang/Super 80, LOCATED in FSX\Navigraph\Navdata. 2.- In order the MCDU display correctly the AIRAC Cycle DATE, we must edit the "MCDU1aA320" and "MCDU1aA321" files for each AirbusX model. Is this right?
  9. Thanks for your fast reply. What you get from Navigraph is a Self-extracting file! In this case, for Cheyenne/Fokker/Mustang/Super 80. As I don't have any of this payware plane installed in mu FSX, where should I look for the files? In your explanation it says: "so for update the MCDU to the next one 22 september (1110) just open the dokuments whit notepad" What documents? where did the self-extracting files go? where should I look for them? Thanks Thanks
  10. Editing the dates is ok. What I do need to understand, is how to update the MCDU data from the GEN file. Hopfully a kind of tutorial would be great!
  11. Well, I d/l the GEN (Cheyenne/Fokker/Mustang/Super 80) latest airac from navigraph (AIRAC 1108) and run it. Now, how do I know if everything is ok and updated inside MCDU?
  12. Depending on the A/C load configuration Center Gravity (Fix on 23.5 for AirbusX), you should be able to set the Trim in order to help the plane take off....I think this is the part we missed!
  13. Thanks for you fast reply! Indeed I follow the step by step guide, in which, the decent is described as manually done. I mean, the pilot takes control of the plane by pulling the Alt Knob and slecting a vertical speed. That's Ok. What I do missed is starting a managed decent before the TOD, by pressing the alt knob 10 miles before the TOD. DES is annunciating in blue below CRZ (green) but nothing happended! Maybe I should set a new FL CRZ in the MCDU?
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