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  1. Please delete my account. I don't agree to further processing and use of my data.
  2. Delete my profile.

  3. This product is really shaping up to be a multi award winner...
  4. Cool! Marcel, what currency is the fuel price in? Can it be changed?
  5. Guys, learn from mine and other people's posts asking about release times! I am such a hypocrite for saying that. I guess it is probably impossible to say how beta testing will go. Real aircraft are delayed too...and it makes customers very angry when specific deadlines are not met. It would be very kind to know what he is working on though. The aircraft has looked VISUALLY complete for some time now. Speaking of that....Marcel send me the plane and I will test it for you! No cost to you!
  6. Been asked a few times, and he says he cannot promise anything, because it all depends on how smoothly the beta testing goes.
  7. I'm aware of A2A's products. Their Accu-Sim packs are outstanding, especially the B-17, however I don't have much purpose for old warbirds in my fleet.
  8. Marcel, this add-on is of great importance to me too, more than any other currently available or in development. I believe with the right add-ons such as FSUIPC's weather/dynamic effects, and ActiveSky's real world weather, FS can be a terrific tool for pre-flight instruction and student practice - and I've used it as such with success. The fact that this add-on will take things to a new level is going to be sooo useful! Not only that, but it fills a major hole in this community I've never been able to understand. Not even the most produced aircraft of all time - the Cessna 172, has a good looking realistic native FSX add-on to enjoy just for the fun of it. There are tons upon tons of high quality airliners available. For the first time though in FS history, Marcel is bringing us a light GA trainer with these never before seen effects, high quality cockpits and exteriors, and even maintenance/exterior preflight checks? Are you serious? That is why I'm so passionate about this add-on!
  9. If you assume asking a question is the same thing as "presenting" information, you might just be incompetent yourself. Here is my example, from the English dictionary. ques·tion (kwschn)n. a. An expression of inquiry that invites or calls for a reply. // Marcel I hope you know I wasn't 'creating false information or problems that weren't really there' as Snave mentioned - nor was I speaking poorly about this product in any way, shape, or form. Only trying to get as much information about this beautiful product from you as I can!
  10. Thanks for the quick and friendly reply as always. I really loved the Do-27 engine start, the way the prop sputtered and everything. I was so excited when I read that first sentence. Then I read the second...that hurts!!!
  11. Alright, to avoid embarrassing myself with so many posts, I've compiled all the rest of my questions/comments into one post. First, it's been mentioned several times that the Katana 4X is developed using the FSX SDK. I remember reading about the Airbus X's issues, and frustrated many due to it being developed with the FSX SDK and thus having many "limitations". For example, it uses the default precanned engine start effect, which is very unrealistic. It has many electrical limitations. The nosewheel steering is default and "skids" around turns. These were all FSX/SDK limitations if I'm correct. Does this mean the Katana 4X will have many of FSX's unrealistic default effects as well, including the ugly high RPM engine startup? Second, I know it's been said that there will not be many liveries in the package. But for the liveries that are included, is there a United States registered one? I haven't seen any screenshots of U.S. registration tail numbers...and the original Katana only contained 1 plain looking livery. Third, I will ask the developer's least favorite question. Please take it lightly, and know I only ask this because of the outstanding work we're seeing right now in the previews! I know Marcel cannot promise a release before Christmas, but how close is it? Is there a chance before Christmas? If many weeks after Christmas? It HAS to be 99% of the way done already, right? But anyway, this is obviously the best looking, most detailed PROPER GA aircraft that has ever been developed for FS. My credit card is very eager to thank the people building it for their talent and filling that gap. There are other realistic addons out there...but I'd personally rather tour the country side/fly out to get lunch in a Katana than a B-17 . Never before have I seen this quality of work done. Please tell me you'll be able to feed the pesky, needy pilots like me soon! We're at your mercy!
  12. Thanks Marcel. Finally there will be an exterior preflight in Flight Sim. I can't wait.
  13. To the Katana 4X devs: I know it's a lot to ask, but is there any chance we'll see a highly realistic aircraft in this release? I know it seems like a stupid thing to ask, but many would consider 'Carenado' to be realistic. I cannot agree though. We need an engine that must be watched, cockpit sharing support, and engine run up checks that serve a purpose!
  14. Hi everyone, I'm considering getting MyTraffic 2010. I have a few questions though. 1) How are the schedules updated? Are they recent? and also.. 2) Is it possible for user made addons to be imported into MT2010? For example...if a new aircraft such as the new United/Continental merge was released into the RW, would it be possible to download a user file and import it?
  15. LOL right, they have no idea what SIDs and STARs are, yet they know how to program flexible takeoff temps into the MCDU. Good one there bud.
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