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  1. Looking very great indeed, thanks for the screenshots!
  2. Already some new preview images available? Got to be one of my priority add-ons to buy this year..!
  3. Agree! What about the FSX version, only some words are enough.. Better than silence!
  4. Any progress on this project yet? Very eager to fly to this great airport!
  5. Just fantastic news, can't wait, good holiday memories at Antalya !
  6. Just some quick questions, as the fs9 version of this scenery is already released. -Is there going to be a new topic for the FSX version? -It was stated that the FSX version will be released some weeks later than the fs9 version, is there any timeline known yet how long it will take? (regarding the far amount of bugs noted in the support forum..?) fs9 version looking certainly stunning, can't (but have to ) wait for the FSX version, thanks in advance !
  7. Stunning! ( Don't know if my FSX can handle this much of objects running at the highest setting, wouldn't want to miss a bit! Might aswell switch back to fs9 just to fly on this magnificant EHAM scenery period )
  8. Rotterdam The Hague Airport? It sounds somehow strange after being used to the original name Rotterdam Airport for my whole life.. Think it's a little bit strange though to rename it with a city that is 25 KM on the west of Rotterdam itself ..
  9. Since I see you're on a Dutch spree, any chance of a Groningen, Eelde Airport (EHGG) scenery in the future? I really like your style, it fits this kinds of airports (including Eelde)!
  10. End the discussion, and please show us some screenshots (desperate )! J/K
  11. Great shots! Nice to see this topic is well updated with screenshots
  12. Wow, for sure buying this product! The screens are really stunning, thanks for sharing them ! How is this scenery on the screens comparing the Lelystad X?
  13. Wow, finally a screenshot! Would love to see more ofcourse, it's looking very promising ! Eagerly awaiting the FSX version in +april 2010 !
  14. Looks very promising, can't wait to approach at Innsbruck with this scenery !
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