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  1. An A4 would be interesting, but I must say that a good military freighter would be great as well. And can we please stop bashing those that enjoy flying military aircraft without blowing stuff up? Just because you don't see the point does not mean someone else doesn't.
  2. Now i am no expert in german even though my family originates from there, but it is my understanding that hochsommer translates to the height of the summer, which would indicate the middle.
  3. I can tell you that it is most likely the cockpit from the Aerosoft Airbus with tail camera images inserted afterwards.
  4. I completely understand John, I have been wrongly accused many times in my life. Now I admit I put some of my thoughts up about this, but I will also admit that I am not a repainter and thus do not know a lot of what has been said or done on your side of things. You are rightfully justified a response about your concerns. However, my only hope is that this is not dragged out or put out in the open any more than it needs to be. I hope that at some point in the near future it is well stated that you are all hard working contributors to this project and that your work is greatly appreciated.
  5. Guys, I understand how frustrated and angry you must feel towards this situation. Having put so much time and work into this and then being isolated suddenly from the project would make me mad too. However, I ask that you put yourselves in the shoes of Mathhijs for a second. He knows for a fact that it was a repainter that released the Beta, but I am sure this does not mean that he does not appreciate and trust the work and ethics of 99% of you. In fact, I am sure that every person that has monitored these forums, drooling over the pictures of this plane, have absolutely no suspicion that those of you who have provided us with so much information and friendliness could have even thought of doing something of this nature. But, if you had a leak which came from a group, yet did not know who specifically, would you be informing members in that group about what is going on even if all but 1 of them are innocent? This is just my speculation, but I suspect that they are trying to figure out who it is so they can kick that person out before you are given access to the beta once again. That would make sense as if they just opened it up again, every update to the beta would most likely find itself online. Now I want to make myself clear, I am fully in support of you guys as I know that all but one person has been absolutely helpful and great on this project. But, please, why would you want to ruin the experience for the customer that happens to find this forum and is looking for information. This is a somewhat internal matter, and placing it on this forum will do nothing but harm the product, the company, and in turn harms a portion of our hobby. Once again, I feel your frustration and pain, but why turn this into a firestorm and hurt the wonderful addition to our great hobby?
  6. Here is a little comparison to answer the performance questions. Airbus X (36 FPS), Standard Airbus (39.8 FPS), PMDG 747-8 (27.1 FPS)
  7. Hi, In addition to the ones listed above, United Airlines. Thanks, Dominic
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