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  1. Yes, Vue 7.5 looks amazing. It's the best and most complete graphic engine I've seen so far. I would like to hear Mathijs' opinion about it and if this engine would be suitable for a new flight sim. Cheers Walter
  2. Hi! 2D panels are a must IMHO. No VC can produce the crystal clear displays as in 2D. A VC looks nice at first glance, but it is a gimmick for professional use. Look at the screens bleow of a 744 sim (in development, it's not a MSFS addon, and it's not aimed at the mass market). All displays can be resized and panned and no matter how big you zoom, they are always sharp. And it's 2D, the 3D effect is implemented in the 2D panel. So, what looks better, this one or a fuzzy 3D panel? But anyway, l'm looking forward for your new sim. Cheers Walter
  3. Here is a link to an interestng graphic engine: http://www.vworld.fr/Gb/GB.htm Walter
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