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  1. Reinstalling seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks for your help !
  2. Is that a pop up or something that I missed ? Afaik, the installer completely finished before I ran the sim. I'll try reinstalling it completely.
  3. Hello, I just finished installing the buses to my PC. I installed it to an external folder outside of the sim, and used the addon.xml to add the aircraft. The aircraft show up in the simulator, but when I select the aircraft to load, I get the error of a lot of missing sound files. The location of the sound files seems to be wrong, that is the install location is repeated twice over ( Ref image : https://prnt.sc/k6dr2d ). The files are present in the Base/Sound folder. How do I go about fixing this ? Cheers
  4. Imaginesim has also said that they are working on the project, and release is still a couple of months away. There has been absolutely no word on the status of this project for months.
  5. A scenery for the whole of Madlives, with atleast all the international airports included would be nice.
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