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  1. Reinstalling seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks for your help !
  2. Is that a pop up or something that I missed ? Afaik, the installer completely finished before I ran the sim. I'll try reinstalling it completely.
  3. Hello, I just finished installing the buses to my PC. I installed it to an external folder outside of the sim, and used the addon.xml to add the aircraft. The aircraft show up in the simulator, but when I select the aircraft to load, I get the error of a lot of missing sound files. The location of the sound files seems to be wrong, that is the install location is repeated twice over ( Ref image : https://prnt.sc/k6dr2d ). The files are present in the Base/Sound folder. How do I go about fixing this ? Cheers
  4. Yes, I would hope so. I have yet to see an aircraft FMC that auto detects the departure/arrival information like runway and SID/STAR from the flightplan. That is of course not taking into consideration that actual dep/arr rwy could vary from what is there in the plan.
  5. @Mathijs Kok A request to you for the next Airbus preview thread. Can you please make a separate thread where only the staff can post and a separate discussion thread ? That way all the relevant information will be found in one place. Especially as you go toward release, more and more people who have so far not been following the project will come out of the woodwork, and ask very common questions again and will usually be met by responses like "read the thread" or "look behind a few pages" or "use the search function". While that is actually correct, not everyone has the time to sift through 63 pages of the thread, and the search engine is very specific about keywords. In case making 2 threads is not feasable, can you "reserve" the first few posts on page 1 ?
  6. Haha, I think he put 2 and 2 together and got 4.2. The 2nd pinned post by Mathijs, was made on the 4th, and he expected to be out on the 18th, 14 days later lol. Anyways, 10 days to go before the month of February is past us. Mathijs did say they would be releasing one product in February, did he not ?
  7. If I recall, in the FSX buses, if you used the checklist with co-pilot, it was not possible to jump to a different checklist without resetting the panel state from the FO MCDU, Has this been changed in the V4 buses ?
  8. PTA and reshade, and the monitor was color calibrated when I purchased it,
  9. Last I remember, it was confimed a few months back that there will be an option to use default P3D lighting, non Dynamic Lights that is. Since then, real light and true glass has been added. Will this option still be there ? Also, from users of the TFDi 717, there is some loss of FPS when using True Glass, will there an option to turn this off as well ?
  10. Imaginesim has also said that they are working on the project, and release is still a couple of months away. There has been absolutely no word on the status of this project for months.
  11. SImbrief, PFPX and ASP4 is a very reasonable option. But the Wx Radar will still work without any 3rd party Wx Engine ? A detailed takeoff and landing speed calculator would be very nice actually.
  12. It does happen, not very frequently, and not not at all airports, but it does. http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=545629
  13. This seems to be a new trend amongst scenery developers these days. Personally I wish that more new destinations get done for me to fly to/from rather than the same airport being developed by different teams. Doing an airport which is already done by other developers, and is done quite well at that, will ofcourse result in lesser sales than doing a project which has not been done or updated for a while now. I'm sure the dev team have taken the numbers into account, and I wish them the best of luck.
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