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  1. I was just messin' with you, man! All good. You're right...it can get totally confusing with all the back and forth. Happy flying! 😃
  2. I don't mean this to sound rude, but, dude...are you high? 🤣 Has that literally ever been offered? The craft that has gone into this is phenomenal and I am happy to pay for it!
  3. Since the 1.0.5 update, where RNAV19 into KDCA was specifically mentioned as an issue, the approach won't draw correctly in the MFD. Repeated lines between A/C current position and KDCA overlap the actual route despite the FPL waypoints being listed correctly. When Changing the approach to another, the duplicates fall off/reselecting adds the duplicates back in). Also, the FPS drop that was resolved when entering waypoints into the FMS has indeed been fixed, but now occurs (on that approach) when you proceed into the PERF setup process. When completed, the FPS drop stops and becomes normal again.
  4. Mine was bought from your store and D/L the update thru the AS Updater.
  5. You guys are probably aware, but in case you're not (I don't see any forum posts), after the 1.05 update there are no ATC voices anymore (in any aircraft reportedly). Another user removed the CRJ and the sounds came back.
  6. I can concur. I've see no oscillation at cruise. The flight I'm on right now, KSFO-CYLW at FL340, current leg RBL-LKV (heading 015): ZERO issues with oscillation. Beautiful departure and climb out actually as well. 👍 To the comment of @FHSim, I am using the store-downloaded version, not Marketplace, so I dunno...
  7. Fair enough...when I get back from my meeting, this afternoon, I'll fly a S-N route and see what happens, and let you know what I observe.
  8. I just flew KIAD-KFLL and didn't have major issues with zig zags, aside from initial climbout on a vector approach where I DIR to the first waypoint en route and the A/C had to make a major turn to intercept - it was a little sloppy, but the remainder of the flight (like all others thus far) the A/C tracks much better laterally. Overall, the flying feels much more realistic (as much as I know anyway - what I would expect as a passenger). The only issues for me are the known bug with programming an RNAV approach (which has been confirmed and being looked into [reference in Systems]) and the afore mentioned GS change. I can capture the GS fine, but I have to use VS knob to keep it on the actual path (this could be the Bravo not the A/C itself - there are some weird bugs using the selector dials some times but once they're identified generally able to be worked around such as the GS for me). Overall 1.04 is a marked improvement over prior to 1.03 in terms of climb and cruise. 👍
  9. I still get some but for whatever reason, my one flight yesterday they were not as pronounced (the A/C tracked better). About to fly some more and will report back.
  10. @JRBarrett I appreciate your feedback on this and I'll keep trying, paying close attention to your described procedure. I rarely had issues before 1.03/4 with ILS and if I captured, I always got the A/C to descend along GS, so i's definitively weird that I can't seem to now, but...alas. It may be something to do with my Bravo throttle. I noticed I can still select the VS using the dial while in GS mode to control the descent FPM, and I could not before (before 1.03 once in GS mode, the dial wouldn't cause any change to the descent, now it does). Thanks bud!
  11. Thanks! I wasn't even trying to fly the RNAV approach anyway...just wanted the waypoints so I could start the river visual from that point. Appreciate the quick turnaround. Let us know if anything further can be done other than avoiding RNAV approaches. That's a bummer since GS isn't working great right now on ILS either. Kinda limits your landings during weather issues/low vis.
  12. I'm getting this too. Mine was store bought. It gets INCREDIBLY slow while entering the FPL. EDIT: Mine locked up now. Second attempt after restart, same issue at same place. I was loading KFLL 10L ZAPPA4 ZAPPA DCT PERMT AR16 ILM DCT TYI DCT TANJA DCT WAVES CAPSS3 RNAV19 KDCA. When I began to enter the individual waypoints on the route, after PERMT it got slower. When clearing the discontinuity to adjoin the WAVES transition to the correct line, it locked up. No response from mouse or any inputs.
  13. @JRBarrett These were the first three flights using 1.03. Have not yet flown using 1.04 (just downloaded and hopefully will give it a shot in the morning but not expecting ILS issues to be remedied if they exist since they weren't mentioned): EDDB 25L LURO1N LUROS M725 HDO GOLOP VOZ LANUX RUPET GRZ PETOV PETO2Z 04 LDZA ENVA 27 UTUN1W UTUNA ARTOR ALASA AGATI RIMET T157 KERAX KERA3R 07R EDDF EDDL 05R DODE6Z DODEN Y853 BOMBI ESATI BARSU ENITA PEPIK NIT M748 ARFOX ARFO2H 31R LHBP Thanks for giving it a try and seeing. Also, to clarify, I simply pressed APPR before intercepting the FAP and prior to 1.03 could generally (not always) get a GS intercept and descent even if it wasn't perfect it was close to green dot the whole way if I was careful with throttle control). Since 1.03, that descent never happens (LOC lock does), the A/C simply continues on as if GS never intercepted. If I should change my process (pushing other buttons, etc) please advise.
  14. YES. This is happening all the time for me now (I honestly think more so than prior to update). Thanks for the IRL explanation on the turn situation I mentioned.
  15. Same here. Seeing a lot of the wide turns (beginning 11 miles from the waypoint in some cases). Also, three flights in and not one perfect approach (vertically). The LOC locks in fine, and GS captures (according to the tell-tale green GS) but no vertical descent along the path. Descent seems to just keep doing whatever you were doing prior to GS capture (same rate or level as may have been the case). Throttle management is WAY better, but the ILS is simply not working as well as before and LNAV is off as this user indicates on/after turns then is fine. Here were MY routes: EDDB 25L LURO1N LUROS M725 HDO GOLOP VOZ LANUX RUPET GRZ PETOV PETO2Z 04 LDZA ENVA 27 UTUN1W UTUNA ARTOR ALASA AGATI RIMET T157 KERAX KERA3R 07R EDDF EDDL 05R DODE6Z DODEN Y853 BOMBI ESATI BARSU ENITA PEPIK NIT M748 ARFOX ARFO2H 31R LHBP
  16. If you've bought any Aerosoft products through the Aerosoft web store, you probably already have it.
  17. On my T/O roll, I keep slight pressure downward on the yoke to hold the nose down until VR. It has noticeably helped control the steering with rudder pedals. My departures are significantly smoother with this. Not sure if this fixes for you, but it does for me. IMHO, this is probably done IRL with this A/C based on what I'm hearing on chatter.
  18. Has anyone determined if this is going to be a full download/reinstall or just the ASUpdater?
  19. Thank you for all your help. This is the finest A/C in MFS for sure and I am really enjoying the hands-on feel of it as opposed to total auto-flight. It definitely has a learning curve but that's what I love about it. You guys did a bang-up job. Thanks!
  20. OK, so @metzgergva I went back and slowly re-read your above-referenced post. If what I'm understanding is correct, I think what you're saying is that despite having A/Ice active (ore more appropriately because A/Ice is on), I may lose power and not realize it to a point where the A/C cannot maintain CRZ at that FL because the A/C is getting extra weight regardless of the settings. Is that what you're saying?? If so, obviously we all recognize that's a bug (on Asobo because it's their icing setting that's not working properly), combined with a very tight performance envelope in icing for the CRJ. So, the only remedy until Asobo makes it possible to actually turn off icing, is to add more power if this occurs and potentially select a lower FL from ATC. Once Asobo fixes the icing setting, then I can just turn it off. Sound about right??
  21. This is a great post and I am thankful for the explanation. particularly the acknowledgement that the MFS setting is apparently not working (which I know may be fixed soon by Asobo), but your post indicates that if you use the A/Ice at CRZ, you should be fine. This is NOT THE CASE! I am using A/Ice during the ENTIRE FLIGHT on EVERY FLIGHT, not only when I "see a cloud" coming. At some point, irrespective of this, the A/C still may begin to have trim issues mid-flight at cruise altitude. It happens on every third flight or so, unless I stay in temperate or tropical locations for every flight. Flying across Canada or Scandinavia, it can happen despite A/Ice being active the ENTIRE FLIGHT. So maybe the fact is simply that the A/Ice is not working properly?? If it is for you, I'd love to know how. So that we can eliminate you thinking I'm taking incorrect action, let me walk you thru my process once a flight has been started: 1) I pre-flight the A/C as one would normally do according to checklist. 2) After I reach the hold short line of the runway and after I obtain clearance for T/O, I activate the Chrono, activate all three A/Ice switches, turn on landing lights, and hit the TO/GA button to initialize the FD. 3) I take off normally, and begin climb to cruise (A/Ice is STILL ON). 4) I level off at CRZ (most flights between F350-370) without issue and allow the AP to fly normally. The A/Ice remains ON the entire flight until either I have descended down below a point where the TAT is above 0C, OR I have in fact landed (if I forgot). Most flights, this works, but again, on most flights in colder climates (Canada, etc), the A/C will (mid-flight) just start trimming up to 10-12 and lose airspeed, drop about 5,000 and regain itself, only to do it all over again. A/Ice is ON THE ENTIRE TIME. Again, I am not using outside weather at all, so that is not a factor here. Sorry for the all-caps, I am trying to emphasize that the A/Ice is engaged, so your post is not accurate for me at least. You keep insisting that A/Ice works and I promise that it is not 100% (if icing is what's happening to me as you suspect).
  22. This is great, but no mention at all of the excessive turning or trim related issues at altitude or did I miss them?? Those are the two biggest faults IMHO. I'm curious why those were omitted?? Either they haven't solved them yet, or are blaming it on Asobo I guess. Don't get me wrong...still VERY happy with this A/C but those are kinda big deals, so it'd be nice to know they at least acknowledge and are working on a solution.
  23. How is it adding any ice effect when: a)I have icing set to visual only in the sim; b) I have anti-ice engaged from takeoff roll to landing; c) I am flying without any weather effects added (not using live weather - only few clouds)?? I don't understand how you can simply turn on Anti-Ice and boom...you say it's fixed?? The effect doesn't disappear for me until I descend to below around F250, and truly the effect shouldn't be there at all given my previous selections (any ONE of my three selected flying options should eliminate the icing issue - I do ALL and don't seem to avoid it unless I fly pretty much south of a line running Canada, Scandinavia and still do the other things to prevent it as well). It's like the A/C only needs REALLY cold air to stop flying. Please forgive me if I sound frustrated, but I am only trying to help you guys see what the actual issue is - it's not my intent to argue. The bottom line is...NO icing should occur if I have icing set to visual only. NO problematic icing should occur if I have my A/Ice engaged the entire flight. Are those correct statements?
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