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  1. I am terribly excited for this project...especially the A330. I feel good about the A32NX from FBW (not that yours might be better/worse in any way), but the 330 fills a need. It's a beautiful bird and would work great with my TCA pack too! Love all your airports BTW...I think I have almost every one for MSFS. I used your CRJ in FSX and will buy the new one DAY ONE! Keep up the exciting work!
  2. I remember a few years back for a short time, SAS was doing a specially-equipped 737 non-stop between Houston (KIAH) and Stavanger (ENZV) for regular oil industry worker/passenger transit. It was short-lived but not because it didn't work.
  3. These both would be sweeeeeet...but I'm probably (unless something surprises me like the QW787 or the new Airbuses are out earlier), going to fly the CRJ until PMDG brings the Boeings.
  4. Just landed there from KMIA....BEAUTIFUL airport. Love the animations and the flags in the wind. Very immersive arrival at the gate.
  5. Also Gate 206 it's off. Sitting there now.
  6. Firstly, gorgeous airport! At Gate 203, the jetway is jacked up, and no ground services are available. The A/C cannot even load external power. Just letting you know since that's the first gate that MSFS wants you to use in the drop-down.
  7. In the words of the Pointer Sisters, "I'm so excited!" This A/C look amazing. I've been waiting for it to really make good sue of my Alpha/Bravo setup for commercial. Currently using the A32NX and the TCA Airbus stick/throttle and love it but it'll be great to get back to a yoke in an airliner!
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