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  1. Issue resolved by using a different cvx file for La Palma.
  2. I'm having the same issue as found on this thread:
  3. Just a quick note to say thank you for another wonderful add-on. Works great even in P3D v4.5HF2 Jose
  4. Capt, I created an IFR & VFR profile and loaded 1 config at a time in different profiles with and now my .cfg is behaving properly. As I stated I was using the master created by simstarter and that was causing my p3d.cfg to act up. Thanks again for your assistance. Jose
  5. SimStarter Log SIMstarter NG.log "If you do not select a SimConfigSet your prepar3d.cfg is not touched." There's no empty area and you can't delete the master. So far the 2 options available lead to to loading issue which I have found to fix by replacing my backup .cfg
  6. p3d v4.5 .cfg after applying the preset. Prepar3D.cfg My backup that I have to constantly use to replace the one above. I renamed it, only for this upload. Prepar3Dbk.cfg
  7. Great! I'll do it today. In SimConfigSet there's always one selected. I'll delete both after testing. Run profile and check, then create one just to see if it causes any issues.
  8. It's my pleasure. I just have one small issue. After applying a profile (region) simstarter NG is corrupting my p3d v4.cfg. Once P3D v4 loads to the menu, trying to access the airport menu leads to a delay in loading the airport menu. The only way to avoid the delay in loading the airport menu is is to replace the p3d v4.cfg with my backup. Is there a way to disable SIMStarter NG to not touch my p3d v4 cfg? I don't even touch the Sim ConfigSet section and it corrupts the cfg with the previous flight profile or master profile. I have not created any profiles. Do you recommend that I create a profile? Come to think of it, I have not tried that yet. Thanks.
  9. Capt, I just wanted to let you know that after a reset of win 10, I tried the latest downloaded version and managed to successfully import all my scenery.cfg sets easily and P3D runs without a hitch. Now I can choose a place to fly and SimStarter disables all the add-on xml files for me. That alone is worth the price I paid. The latest version seems very stable especially when the user (me) read the manual a few times. Thank you! Jose
  10. I managed to download the latest version from the forum. I had to sign up. Got the latest installed. Played with it again and it's not what I was looking for. I've uninstalled it and I'm getting a refund from my CC. You can close this thread. Thanks!
  11. Reinstalled the program, but it seems that without updating, the program does not run. It seems that I also need to be connected to the internet. How nice. Update: the updater says "it's impossible to download update." OK The program will not run without an update.
  12. Thanks Capt. PERO The quickest way for me would be to create the profile AUScenery, create the xml Config as AUScenery and then import my clean AUscenery.cfg that I've already created. Save my profile and I'm done. Can I do this? I really don't want to have to use my full scenery.cfg to disable sceneries and save configs. It's too much work and your software is not behaving properly. I even had to restore my corrupted p3d v4.cfg and now SimStarter doesn't want to run P3D v4. Depending on how long you take to respond, I might re-install and not update to the latest version.
  13. I need some support for this add-on, please!
  14. Just bought SimStarter NG and need some guidance on how to use my saved sceneries.cfg files with my newly created profiles in SimStarter. I already have about 10 scenery,cfg files such as Englandscenery, AUscenery, NZscenery etc. These are .cfg files and I use the scenery config editor to open the scenery, then save as scenery.cfg file. So far so good, except that depending on the region that I want to fly, I have to disable my add-on xml airports using the P3D v4.5 H2 add-on menu. It's become tiresome. I'd like to do it all using SimStarter. I see that there's a way to import a scenery.cfg and use it in the profile. What's the best way to do this? I was thinking of creating folders with region names, then dropping the .cfg file into the folder, then renaming the file to scenery.cfg. Or can I just choose the file name (ex. AUscenery.cfg) and SimStarter will save the file as scenery.cfg. It will not be a problem if I need to manually save all my saved .cfg to sceney.cfg. My hope is to open each scenery.cfg file, then disable the add-on xml airport that I will not use in the region, then save the profile with the region name, example: AUscenery. Then when I'm ready to fly in AU, press the profile. When I'm ready to fly in the USA, press the profile name. I'm not too concerned with P3D v4.5 settings because if I lower anything, it will more likely be, just AG to normal. I'm sure that I can also create a VFR or IFR profile and add it to my region. Thanks for your help. Jose
  15. Hans, I had this issue at 31000ft last night and was wondering if there's a fix? I was very impressed with the latest update. I have a couple of question, but I'll start a new thread for those. Thanks.
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