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  1. Hello,


    I got the ''update this plane'' message. A new version is out. Still can't use the updater, yet I read your comment an updater for Aerosoft will become available shortly.

    I am sorry to say, but I get a bit frustrated that buying via Aerosoft, instead of the ORG means you have to wait much longer. 

    I now can't use the bus due to the message in the screen. Is there a way to disable it so I can use it till an update is shared with you guys?

    Another thing I need to mention - sorry bit frustrated - is the difference between X-plane and P3D. To me you guys are the nr 1 when it comes to P3D, that is why I initially purchased this via Aerosoft, but it turns out it is more beneficial to go via the ORG. Maybe a point of improvement?


  2. Congrats Aerosoft! 20 yrs and still going strong! Here's to another 20 (and then some)

    *edit lol Mathijs nice photo! You haven't changed a bit! ;)

    Also cool photo of Nathalie! But I can relate most to Maria, I can remember I had similar style, that unmistaken 80's look!

  3. It was something we thought about just last week.And it just might happen.

    Do note that this spam is not robot spam, this is all posted by real humans who get a few pennies for every spam they are able to get online. It's impossible to prevent this.

    Yes saw one in action last night. Hit the report button asap. Can't blame people for trying to make a few pennies, it's the companies that hire them. Despicable

  4. We are NOT checking what is installed to what we have sold in any way. Technically it would be near impossible anyway.

    So even if you could. If you have nothing to hide......

    I always get a bit suspicious of people protesting against these kinds of measures to protect copyright. Call it my overly paranoia brain, but it looks like people are afraid off getting caught.

    I loved seeing users of illegal copies surfacing after Oliver changed his AES. Brilliant move!

    Because in the end it is in our (the users) interest that we ban piracy as much as possible, to keep developers (especially the smaller ones) in business. The margin are very small and to make there efforts worth while we have to support them

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  5. Hi Jerry, this is coming from a frustrated customer. I have the Mega airport Frankfurt FS2004/FSX, FSX loaded OK, but try as I might, the FS9 version does not install in full i.e. the airport. In the scenery library all I get is EDDF 2008, EDDF 2008LC and Aeslitefor GAP EDDF08. I have W7 64bit in Admin rights. In the control panel it shows Frankfurt installed but the AesHelp icon cannot find the airport either. The info I have given was sent to Support but as yet no reply. Many thanks. richard welsh.

    Hi Richard,

    Hmm, not quite sure what's going wrong. Maybe the installer. What if you re-download it from your account, just to be sure the download was not corrupted. you could also post here http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showforum=107 maybe there are people with similar experiences.

    Btw if you reported this issue at support@aerosoft.com I am sure Shaun or someone else will get back to you.

    But if anyone has an idea to help......

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