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  1. Peter Young

    what's update of v1.21?

    what's update of v1.21? Aerosoft - Twin Otter X Extended v1.21
  2. I don't expect the release of new models, I only pay attention to SP1. Aerosoft's Airbus couldn't fly with a recent single-engine program, which was disappointing.
  3. Does the new A320 implement independent PFD display and control functions?
  4. Peter Young

    Your best Screenshot

    so many picture and reload lol ~~~~~~
  5. Peter Young

    Your best Screenshot

    From video here
  6. Peter Young

    Update (WIP)

    maybe can make a new update ~
  7. Peter Young

    Update (WIP)

    it may get a GTN650 up the main panel ~ :o)
  8. Peter Young

    It's a Russian aircraft...

    In order to help more friends understand and fly an-2, I shot a video, including cold, dark, taxi, takeoff, downwind, base, finel, landing, parking process. Has been posted to youtube, video is very simple, not too much language, only every step of the operation. If according to my operation, from cold and dark to take off is no problem. I used to be an-2 before, but I think it's pretty good. Aerosoft has reworked the project to a certain extent, and I believe that although it is a Russian aircraft, the Russian aircraft are also non-stop The progress of development, many new equipment are gradually installed and put into use. With its wide field of vision and good maneuverability, the an-2 is a good choice for VFR flights. Later, I will make more videos about as an-2, hoping to drive more people to fly an- 2, also hope AS can see.
  9. Peter Young


    i have get GTN750 inside to 2D panel , maybe this can geting in 3D panel such like here ! look picture
  10. Peter Young

    great work an-2 and getting better

    This is a very good work, highly restored the essence and physical characteristics of the an-2 aircraft, fully demonstrated its superior performance and good handling. It is recommended that to increase the playability, it is possible to add rudder control options because most players are a stick to play p3d. An-2 in the real integrated GPS handheld, in the follow-up adjustment can be added handheld GPS mobile phone holder which is also an effective means to enhance the value of the plug-ins.
  11. thank you very much . Whether or not I can be choosed , I will continue to support aerosoft's 320 projects
  12. Peter Young

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Mathijs to manage so many product lines every day, so many posts, so many e-mail, really hard! We will continue to contribute valuable advice to help aerosoft products continue to enhance and develop.
  13. Peter Young

    Antonov An-2 preview (released)

    In fact, this plane is very good fly, I have 200 hours Yun-5B (base on an-2) type rating. Excellent performance, handling is very comfortable.