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  1. Oh nice quick response. First of all I'm gonna be away for the week-end, I'll be back sunday night local time. For the server I manage to connect FSHost, find a session on the server and connect to it, but then I don't know how to join the server within FSX.. When I connect FSHost nothing happes in FSX, no mission loading, nothing. So admitting there is someone on the server, do i just need to start a free flight at the same airport as him and I'll see his plane or do I need to connect through the FSX Multiplayer interface ? Other than that Teamspeak is operational, still have my doubt
  2. Hi ! I have been setting up FSHost and stuff today and I think I managed to join the server but not quite sure as there was no one in it I couldn't check. I'm new to FSX and soaring but I installed the SOAR Ranch, CumulusX, WinchX and the Discus X from AS. I'm looking for some online play with others to soar around and have some relaxing flights and of course learn a lot. I'm from Switzerland currently GMT +2, I'll try to catch someone these days. By the way it's quite cool to have a permanent server up and running, now it's up to people to use it =) Good day everyone !
  3. Downloaded, gonna soar it now. Looks like some nice improvements there !
  4. Haha, I'm just looking for those mountain thermals, and sometimes the updraft seems to behave strange according to the terrain. Nevermind I'm splitting hairs that's true . And no, FSGlobal is better allround the globe compared to the SRTMv4 still a 90 mesh. Good night there !
  5. Some more Qs: I downloaded some files ine arcascii *.asc format. As I got fairly many of them I would like to convert them all at once (I don't want to do the file/import step for each one...) is there any way to launch a massive import of arcascii files ? What calculation do you think is best/more accurate for ridge lift (not talking about mountain thermals) between the sim probe which reads a little ahead of the plane too and the slope data base tool which uses tiles around the flight zone ? I'm thinking a bit before trying to convert such a big amount of data.. Have a great day !
  6. Allright, thank you for your quick answers. I'm gonna set up my FSX this week-end and test out for the best settings to me . Gonna test what workds best between Sim Probe and the Slope Data Base too. (Maybe some FPS differences ?) I'll check this out and post back my final settings. Have a great day !
  7. Hi Folks, First post, first questions. Last weekend after doing he FSX Soaring tutorials I tested some free flights and was pretty disappointed on the modelisation lift factors in FSX (thermals, ridge, and wave). So I fell on some tools, downloaded CumulsX and SimProbe and DG808S V3. It's much closer to what it should be now ! So let me first thank all those 3rd Party developpers for their great work. My questions are mostly about CUmulusX. 1. Is it possible to get rid of the cumulus created over the thermal areas ? I use REX wich has really excellent grafics and ebautiful clouds so the Cum
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