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  1. Great job on the further developing! Sounds really nice, thats the stuff that makes them contests just that more fun, to lay down everybody's flights next to eachother and compare / discuss it. Keep it up! wich of the programs was so accurate sf4jc?
  2. but it would be so cool on multiplayer, because everybody would ofcourse experience the excact same thermals
  3. i want to fly some multiplayer soaring, tired of the singleplayer stuff, anyone willing to join me?
  4. Hi, Good to see that progress is still beeing made. I downloaded and installed the "CumulusX1.0a.zip" one of 1.676KB, yesterday. Is that the one with the new looks?
  5. hey how many people finally attended the event? teamspeak isnt that hard to manage, if you will organize more events, i might be able to help out with that furthermore, personally, i don't know how it is for other people but i really get a feeling of realism and freedom if ridgelift is included, and not just thermal. i know its a hassle with the files, but still, is it not worth it? regards, flyingdutchman
  6. i registered an account for this forum just to say a quick thanks i've been looking for some decent soaring mods for fsx for ages, really disapointed that MS didnt bother to put some real effort in this. so then i came across this forum and downloaded CumulusX! and sim_probe, it works like a charm!! you guys just made my day! so once more big thanks for your effort! keep up the awesome work guys (Y) thanks! flyingdutchman
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