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  1. Looks like the new version(v3001) is now in our aerosoft accounts enjoy!
  2. I believe a big company like Aerosoft receive advance builds of upcoming Hotfixes or versions. They also have a direct line to LM for any issues they find on the sim. Im sure Aerosoft is ready for any changes they need to do to support the upcoming hotfix
  3. That indeed fixed it I had too much xml for both airports in my sode folders. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have these red marks all around the airport and surroundings on ENVA. Plus on ENGM it is present on the windsocks. I have all the SODE options enabled in the config tool of both airports and also have the latest SODE 1.7 installed.
  5. I request an announcement of a new plane to be developed. We need a new topic in "Previews of Unreleased Products" forum to post in
  6. Hi, After the latest update, I am getting an error 503: Server Unavailable when trying to start the program. It was working fine just before updating. EDIT: It is working now. Might just be a temporary internet or server issue. Thanks!
  7. Got it, Ill try later at home with sim setup. But please consider this as a request to support atleast the throttle controls for buttons. For us simming on the go with gamepads. It is working fine with the A320 pro family and CRJ pro. Thanks!
  8. I left the FADEC settings in the configurator at 1(default). But I do not use a physical axis for my throttles. Just buttons mapped to throttle up/down.
  9. Moving the throttle does not affect the engine on my end. Even the CLB, FLX, and TOGA detents. It stays at idle. The only way I can get the engine to respond is with reverse thrust. I am using buttons assigned to the default throttle up/down command of P3D.
  10. An Aerosoft level Bombardier CSeries would be great!
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