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  1. will this be the only batch of testers needed? Or will another batch of testers be needed again in the future? šŸ˜ƒ
  2. Also thank you for including the shadow tweak. Shadows look excellent now
  3. Hi, Can i request this setting to be added to the tweaks section in the sim config manager? OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE= I prefer doing custom tweaks in simstarterng and this is missing. It improves jagged shadows so much. I hope you can consider it. Thanks!
  4. Any update on the clickspot issue? Really miss this bird on v4.4
  5. I dont htink it is compatible with p3dv4.4 yet. It is coming soon though.
  6. After installing with my redownloaded installer, the issue seems to be fixed. Weird. Ill just attribute that to a corrupt installer download then. Will update if I have further issues. Thanks!
  7. @masterhawk I just installed the scenery normally as I do all my aerosoft scenery. It even found the directory where I install all my aerosoft files automatically. I did not move any files or folders. This is the first aerosoft scenery that I encountered this problem. Another possible symptom is that when i try to uninstall the scenery through the control panel add and remove programs, I have this error. Im thinking that I may have a corrupted installer? Ill try redownloading. @OPabst I tried deregistering the scenery and it still does not start. Only way is to disable it through the add-on xml itself using simstarter, or removing the scenery entirely. Im currently redownloading the installer in case it was a corrupted download. Although the download is unusually slow at the moment..
  8. Hi, I installed Madrid professional and now the sim is stuck at the splash screen with "building database for new scenery files" stuck at 100%. If I uninstall the scenery, or disable it from the Add-on xml with SimstarterNG, the sim starts normally. Any suggestions to fix the issue? Thanks!
  9. As you can see, the aircraft does not seem to calculate the descent path too well. I think it treats "Above FLXXX" constraints as "Cross At FLXXX". This causes the aircraft to level off at some waypoints instead of calculating a path in which it descends continuously without leveling off and while respecting altitude constraints. Furthermore, It does not seem to follow the required speed that it should be doing at some waypoints. The waypoint in the screenshot requires it to be at 280 knots, which is also reflected correctly in the MCDU, but as you can see it is aiming for 240 knots. This example is in KSFO SERFR3 Arrival using the A321.
  10. Is there a workaround to atleast choose a scenery profile? Cant fly without it
  11. Hi, Just a couple minor issues. In 2/5 of my flights so far, the R REV ARMED annunciation stays on even though I already turned the switch off. Also the APU PWR Fuel switch sometimes takes a few click animations before it engages. I am using the 1.0.6 hotfix on p3dv4.2 Thanks! EDIT: Apologies! already posted in a similar thread. Is it ok to just close and delete?
  12. That was set by the A/P due to the nose up command of the FD. I did not touch the aircraft again during the situation as I chose to just continue watching a youtube video instead of rectifying the situation lol. I was using the CRJ 900. It was during cruise already. I climbed with 250 knots and 290/.74mach as I set it on the FMC. I climbed with SPEED Mode. Climb phase was normal and the aircraft followed LNAV perfectly. I was already at cruise for about 15 mins before that incident. I also dont think I was behind the power curve because earlier in the cruise I was gunning the engines and was able to get .82 mach before slowing down to a more reasonable .74-.78mach. The throttles was at MCT because I tried to catch the speed before taking the screenshot. But it was at about 80% N1 during cruise and maintaining the said .74mach. It was not in a mountainous area and the wind was a stable 84 knot crosswind Ill try the flight again and see if I get the same result.
  13. What I want to know is how the plane got in the situation in the first place. It was basically at .74 mach at cruise flight and A/P set and stable before I alt tabbed. Payload and fuel are well within limits and I was only at 33,000 feet. I was already at cruise for around 15 minutes before I alt-tabbed. Then after I returned the speed is at ias 150 and struggling to maintain altitude. Or is there failures modelled here that I dont know of. Icing perhaps?
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