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  1. We waited for a long time now for an updated twin otter anyway, so an additional 3-4 months is okay I think. Also in my opinion, an additional $20 is nothing if the quality is there to match the additional price. I say develop the Twin otter to the most modern standard it deserves. You own this market anyway, AFAIK nobody is developing a Twin otter at this realistic level at the moment.
  2. This will probably be the only chance we will have for a long time to have the Twin otter updated to modern standards. So in my opinion, the external should also be fully overhauled, including all PBR and latest enhancements that P3Dv4.5 can offer. As long as a paintkit will be provided, liveries will come from the community anyway.
  3. time to burn up the f5 button in the aerosoft store!
  4. Us users will organize a zombie easter egg hunt once this scenery releases :D
  5. I hope there is an aerosoft team easter egg there somewhere maybe a poster or static models of the team somewhere
  6. Also thank you for including the shadow tweak. Shadows look excellent now
  7. Hi, Can i request this setting to be added to the tweaks section in the sim config manager? OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE= I prefer doing custom tweaks in simstarterng and this is missing. It improves jagged shadows so much. I hope you can consider it. Thanks!
  8. Any update on the clickspot issue? Really miss this bird on v4.4
  9. I dont htink it is compatible with p3dv4.4 yet. It is coming soon though.
  10. After installing with my redownloaded installer, the issue seems to be fixed. Weird. Ill just attribute that to a corrupt installer download then. Will update if I have further issues. Thanks!
  11. @masterhawk I just installed the scenery normally as I do all my aerosoft scenery. It even found the directory where I install all my aerosoft files automatically. I did not move any files or folders. This is the first aerosoft scenery that I encountered this problem. Another possible symptom is that when i try to uninstall the scenery through the control panel add and remove programs, I have this error. Im thinking that I may have a corrupted installer? Ill try redownloading. @OPabst I tried deregistering the scenery and it still does not start. Only way is to disable it through the add-on xml itself using simstarter, or removing the scenery entirely. Im currently redownloading the installer in case it was a corrupted download. Although the download is unusually slow at the moment..
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