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  1. Came across this while joyriding in the FSX Goose. Lift seems ok and I think I was getting a little ridge lift but I'm not expert enough to know for sure.
  2. A slight ramble here. I have been looking for what add-ons I needed for FSX soaring. Especially to share flights with others and report results. In almost every case FSUIPC by Pete Dowson (the current keeper/owner of the program) was required. I also knew that there was a module called simconnect.dll built into FSX. The name got my attention so I went looking to find out what it was. In my searching for I came across this thread: http://fsdeveloper.agerrius.nl/forum/showthread.php?t=5315. It answers my questions as to why FSUIPC, does simconnect.dll replace it and, how do they compare. Mr Dowson gives a little of the history of FSUIPC and his perspetive on the future of FSUIPC and FSX add-ons using simconnet.dll. It is a little technical but my take on it is that FSUIPC will wither and be replaced by simconnect.dll. All the current soaring add-ons will eventualy be rewritten or replaced to use simconnect.dll. All one has to do is see the inital resisance to FSX and the rapid growth of enthusiasm for it. Just as a need was filled by free/share/payware developers in the past, so it will be in the future. Just with slightly different stuff. One of the other thoughts that gives me hope is that Microsoft has never been happy to loose market share to competitors, i.e., Condor. I'm guessing that if you buy Condor, you're not going to buy FSX. That statement alone gets Microsoft's attention. In theory, it should not be a lifetime project to use simplified fluid dynamics to produce thermals and ridge lift/sink passed to FSX using simconnect.dll. The source of the starting parameters could be real world weather or user defined weather. That stuff is already in FSX.
  3. Well, let's get into this a little further. First, the first time you make the modifications, it may take you 5 minutes. Once you are comfortable with the proceedure, maybe 30 seconds. Second, you will still be able to pilot the plain white Maule and the plane you chose for the tow with no further modifications to anything. Just like they had never been touched. The only time the modifications take effect is when you are in a glider and call for a tow. When you hit CTL+SFT+Y you'll see the new tow pop up and off you go. The reason Mr. Murr wanted multiple tows is the different flight and power characteristics of the different planes. If you are bound and determined to keep a copy of the original .cfg files, just single click on the file, right click on the file, click 'copy', right click on an empty space in the folder, click 'paste'. You'll see a new file entitled 'Copy of aircraft.cfg'. If things get so balled up that you need to start over, delete the messed up 'aircraft.cfg' file, rename the 'Copy of aircraft.cfg' to 'aircraft.cfg' and you're back to square one. Have fun with it. The world won't end if you have to reload FSX or re-install a downloaded plane.
  4. Simplified tow plane change. ** It is unnecessary to delete lines. The double slashes makes the line a comment. ** ** In the Maule aircraft.cfg, only modify [fltsim.5]. ** *Excerpt of the modified Maule aircraft.cfg [fltsim.5] //title= Maule M7 260C title=SF 25 C - D-KURT ;; SUBSTITUTE YOUR CHOSEN TOW PLANE sim=Maule M7 260C . . . . Excerpt of the modified SF 25 C aircraft.cfg [fltsim.0] //title=SF 25 C - D-KURT ;; YOUR CHOSEN TOW PLANE title=Maule M7 260C sim=SF 25 C - D-KURT . . . .
  5. Assuming you are in the US, go to the Soaring Society of America (ssa.org) and find a club near you and buy a ride. SSA has an interactive map showing gliderports around the country and their services. As a caution I would email or call before just going out. If you are not in the US, your country should have some similar organization that you can get in touch with. Every club is looking for more interested people. The SSA also has the requirments for Silver and Gold badges (I've accomplished the Silver distance and gain requirments.) The only one of Mr. Murr's tutorials that requires the SDK is changing the tow plane path as it requires building a new AI. Changing the tow plane is a one or two line change in the Maule aircraft.cfg and a one or two line change in the chosen tow plane aircraft.cfg. I'll put up what I did to change the default Maule to the SF25C tomorrow (Also, I think we need to move this stuff to the Tech thread.) Mr. Murr has set up more tows than I want. Changing the performance of the tow seems to just require some editing of the aircraft.cfg. If at all possible, yes. I want to sim as close to reality as possible. When I said my notes that the weather alert radio went off just after I landed, I was flying thru the approaching real world weather!
  6. How to make any FSX powered aircraft into a glider. *** I've done it on a couple of airplanes but if you try this, I ain't resposible for nothin'. *** (This example is from the FSX C172 aircraft.cfg file) 1. Locate the following section in the chosen airplane aircraft.cfg file. [GeneralEngineData] engine_type = 0 //0=Piston, 1=Jet, 2=None, 3=Helo-Turbine, 4=Rocket, 5=Turboprop Engine.0 = 2.4, 0.0, 0.0 //(feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum Make the following changes shown in red. [GeneralEngineData] engine_type = 2 //0=Piston, 1=Jet, 2=None, 3=Helo-Turbine, 4=Rocket, 5=Turboprop //Engine.0 = 2.4, 0.0, 0.0 //(feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum Save the file. (The method is to set the engine_type to none and comment out all engines.) Fly as you would a normal glider, including being towed. Unless you save the chosen airplane folder under a a new name, you will have to undo the changes above to return it to normal. I don't know if it will work on FS9. A couple of us on simouthouse came up with the methodology. It's apparent we need to get lives.
  7. ----------- Cautionary note! I spent 20 years as a computer programmer. If you are not completely comfortable dealing with parameter files follow all of Mr. Murr's instructions EXACTLY. The tutorials are on Avsim.com in the FSX tutorial section. ----------- Changing the tow plane, sort of. Since I only wanted one different tow (the SF25C) I made changes directly to the aircraft.cfg files with appropriate comments. It is still selectable and flyable as an independent airplane. I may modify the flight dynamics parameters to be a little more realistic in tow mode as set out in Mr. Murr's customizing tutorial. The last of Mr. Murr's tutorials requires that you have the Deluxe version of FSX as it has the SDK (system development kit). When one calls for a tow (Ctl+Sft+Y) it activates an AI aircraft that follows a set course. To change that you need to use the SDK and for me it's not worth the time and effort. I can see someone using it for some specialized task. All three are valuable to read and understand if for no other reason than to get a feel for the internals of FSX.
  8. PLEASE! :respect: I d/l's the FS9 flight training lessons but most was geared to FS9 not FSX. From what sf4JC is saying most, if not all will, work. As a newbie (sorta), once I know what things are and what their functions are I can generaly take it from there. I'm going to go back and review.
  9. 06-12-07 Chilhowee (92A), Benton, TN to Monroe-Walton Co. (D73), GA Free Flight, Discus 2B, default lift/Realtime weather VFR plan distance 106nm, 2:12. Actual ~ 175, 2:09. Notes: Landed at D73 about 1/2 hour before the weather alert radio went off. Severe thunder storm warning for the northern half of GA. Tried to upload the .pln file but was rejected. Have to zip it? Track Launch
  10. Don, I saw your Andes flight. What add-on(s) are required to do that in FSX. Or was the track just a cut and paste of the flight analysis screen? I have seen various add-ons mentioned (CSS, FZviewer(?), Sound.dll and the like). Could you post a 'quick start' guide giving what they are, what they do, will they work with FSX, where to get them? Short answers to newbie questions. John
  11. Check if FSX_KML (found here: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/ under 'download center/tools' will do the job.
  12. **Currently in FSX the designation is PHDH*** Saw this on another board. Kinda makes me want to move. http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=12068
  13. Hello, everyone. This is my first post on the SOAR board and is in the way of an introduction and some observations. In real life I have had about one hour instruction in a glider (GROB 103). This was about 15 years ago and was accumulated on three 20 minute flights. My last flight was cut short because one of the other pilots flying crashed (he had minor injuries, plane was totaled), followed almost immediately by the club having a series of financial and field problems that within a couple of years caused it to fold. On balance, if the club hadn’t gone away I might still be flying for real. Please keep in mind I am familiar with computers and flight simming but new to organized virtual soaring. I’m a somewhat knowledgeable outsider looking in. Which leads to my first observation: Mr. Hamilton, my hat’s off to you. As the person in charge you have a tough job. I hope not to make it harder. SOAR seems to be looking for a focus, a way to appeal to more people. In reading the posts before I joined it was going to focus on FS. Just after I applied for membership the home page was changed to reflect the decision that it wants to be all things to all people. From the complete flight sim newbie to the experienced virtual soaring competitor, to the RC pilot, to the real life soarer. I suggest that a tighter focus would be more successful. Do one thing and do it well. Focus on the virtual world. As part of that a reorganization to reflect not the computer program being run but the level and interests of the virtual pilot. Eliminate those areas not directly connected to the virtual world. Look to the national organizations such as the Soaring Society of America (SSA) as a model. They have information and guidance for the person who has never been in a glider to the seasoned international competitor. But don’t ask for information on how to apply to enter the Reno Air Races. Another good example is the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). They have support and events for the once or twice a year club rallyist to the professional road racer. The ‘vehicle’ is secondary to the ‘task‘. Second observation. At this time if one is a competitor, Condor seems to be the program to use. That fact should not dissuade one from SOAR participation. This gets back to the organization of SOAR. I have never used Condor (in point of fact I didn‘t know it existed until recently). I probably never will. While the finesse of soaring appeals to me, I do like to firewall a hot prop or jet and do a little ‘cranking and banking’. Other than at a ‘club level’ the competition aspect doesn’t appeal to me. I use competition in all aspects of my life as a training and measuring tool. A trophy or ribbon is nice but not at the expense of improvement. I will never be a ‘house hold name’. Third observation. I have read posts complaining about FSX that are six months to a year old. Many before the initial release of FSX and virtually all before the release of FSX-SP1. I don’t have a ‘bleeding edge’ PC. It’s about three years old. With the release of SP1 most of the performance complaints posted have been addressed. With a just little tweaking most FSX users are at FPS rates that are better than just useable and in most cases better than before. It just takes a little information and guidance. Which SOAR is in a position to provide to the virtual glider pilot. The other aspect is that some of the people who have generously provided free software are going on to other pursuits. Mr. Roodvelt is a prime example. Many of his add-ons are difficult to find now or will not be available in the future. Thought needs to be given to how to work around not having those add-ons available. Or with the improvements to FSX will they even be necessary. FS has a rudimentary flight recorder. If SOAR can transform itself to be the first stop for the new or old virtual glider pilot for information relating to virtual gliding the majority of problems will go away. The problem now is that SOAR does not attract virtual pilots. Unless one stumbles across the site it goes unknown. Observations on flight files for tasks and competitions. I have looked at Condor flight files and FSX flight files. At first glance there seems to be no technical reason why a Condor file could not be converted to FSX files. Or vice versa. The key is getting someone who has the knowledge of both and the technical knowledge to write the conversion program. With that in place, the ‘vehicle’ would be immaterial. Pick your task, pick your competition, use whatever program works best for you. In terms of tasks and competitions, while most people are honest, there are some who will cheat. (Ever played golf?) If a file can be opened it can be changed. If within a conversion/flight generation program some sort of a check digit can be generated that stays with the files and submitted results that would cut the cheating to almost nil. How does Condor handle the problem? Well I I hope I haven’t made anyone cross-eyed by the length of my first post. It’s good to be here. Wiley
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