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  1. Mathijs I appreciate you may not be able to answer this question but have you guys been working with OldProp on any type of immersion package?
  2. Will the external model textures be done in 4K like the cockpit?
  3. Aaron1

    Mode C

    Thank you both for such quick replies! Does it matter what I have selected from THRT/ALL/ABV/BLW?
  4. Aaron1

    Mode C

    Hi, A simple question with probably an even simpler answer but how do you activate Sq/mode C when flying on VATSIM? Many thanks, Aaron
  5. Just slightly smaller in size/more defined with less of an 'inflated' look (think QW 787 lights)
  6. The PBR really does make a world of difference in terms of realism! Looking great! Will the nav lights be HD on release or the same as in the last screenshot? Any chance of a short video showing the gear on touchdown?
  7. Only aircraft this isn't possible in...
  8. Hello, Would it be possible to use reverse thrust (pressing F2) when landing in an external view? At the moment it is only possible to activate the reverse thrust if you are in the cockpit for touchdown. Many thanks, Aaron
  9. Hi, just a couple of questions about the visuals on the external model; Will the appearance of the external lights (beacon/strobe/nav) be improved before release? They look to be very similar to the one's shown on the A318/19/20/21 which reminded me of how lights looked back in fs2004 instead of more 'HD' looking lights that would make it look great (check the QW BAe146 or 787 aircraft lighting if I don't make any sense). And, will PBR texturing be added too? Keep up the great work as always Aaron
  10. Hi Aerosoft team, I am very much looking forward to the release of the A330 when it happens! One question; Would it be possible to have the external lights (nav, strobe, beacon) appearance improved for the A330 compared to the A320 series? I feel the A320 series lights look similar to freeware aircraft I used to use for fs2004 and could be improved for the A330 (and possibly updated for the a320 series?) with a less 'oversized' look that is similar to IRL. While I know this is a minor thing, I feel it would really improve the immersion feeling and overall quality of the aircraft. Many thanks and best wishes, Aaron
  11. Hi Mathijs, where exactly in the sim can this be done? Thanks
  12. I changed the light poles in the config menu before I did the tests Thanks for your help anyway
  13. But I already established that PTA wasn't the problem?
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