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  1. Hello everyone, I've seen quite a few posts in the last week asking for Aerosoft to make wing views for the A330 without having to spend on a camera add on like Chaseplane. This tutorial below will show you how easy it is to get some decent looking wing views by simply editing the aircraft.cfg file. *BEFORE YOU START* create a backup of your aircraft.cfg in case you mess something up. 1. Go to your Aerosoft A330 Professional folder. It will be located where ever you chose to install it. 2. Go into that folder and go to the Aerosoft A330 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional folder where the aircraft.cfg file will be located. In order to edit and save this file you will need to copy and paste it somewhere else like your documents or desktop. Copy and paste to somewhere of your choice. 3. Open the aircraft.cfg file and scroll quite far down until you get to [CameraDefinition.023] which will have the title below of "LEFT ENGINE VIEW". It will look like this.. 4. In order to change the positioning of the camera we will need to edit the line InitialXyz and replace the numbers with -3.38, +0.62, -6.05. You will also need to change the -130 in the line below to -90 . I have also changed the title to "LEFT WING VIEW" which will show in the sim when you right click for the views in the 'outside' section. Do not change anything else. It should now look like this: 6. You can also follow the same process in the [CameraDefinition.29] for "RIGHT ENGINE VIEW" if you want wing views on the right side. 7. Save the aircraft.cfg file and copy it back into the Aerosoft A333 RR Professional folder and overwrite the existing aircraft.cfg. 8. Congratulations, you now have some pretty decent looking wing views! Best wishes, Aaron
  2. it's a pretty major issue so I'd imagine it's high up on their list
  3. Did a complete reinstall and the reverse thrust worked correctly on the first flight but not on the second flight...
  4. Sorry to report that the reverse thrust failed again on the second flight
  5. Completed first flight fine with the fuel going down normally. Parked at the gate, did the normal turn around stuff and set the fuel and payload for the next flight, both loading normally except now the fuel isn't going down at all and its still showing REFUELG on the centre screen (currently 2hrs into the flight and still there with no fuel decrease). I have version running
  6. Hi, when I go on the PERF page to input the flap setting for take off, for some reason if I put flaps 3 in it will display a higher VR speed than with flaps 2. For example with flaps 2 VR was 152 but changing to flaps 3 showed 153 for VR. Isn't the VR speed meant to decrease the higher the flaps setting? Many thanks
  7. Just conducted a first flight since uninstalling the aircraft and reinstalling with the latest updates. Pleased to report the reverse thrust worked normally
  8. Hi there, the title says it all but any update on when a working livery manager will be available for the A330? Thanks
  9. I'm doing the same, holding down until they react onto reverse
  10. reported the same problem in a previous thread a few days ago, they are aware of it
  11. Hi Dave, Many thanks for your reply. I can confirm that the reverse thrust was working correctly in and then hasn't since updating to with two flights in each version so far. However the lights haven't worked using ctrl L or O in either version. I'll test with the smaller buses to confirm it's confined to the A330. I ran the updater as admin and I always disable my security for any installation/update. I have it installed in my documents folder as I know installing it in the P3D route folder isn't advised so I'm a bit puzzled. I could try a complete reinstall when the new releases and see if that solves it? Best wishes
  12. Not sure why but I've had a couple of landings now where the reverse thrust just doesn't activate by pressing F2. A similar key command failure is also present when trying to turn on the landing lights using ctr L or the strobes using O. Many thanks
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