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  1. Hi Aerosoft team, I am very much looking forward to the release of the A330 when it happens! One question; Would it be possible to have the external lights (nav, strobe, beacon) appearance improved for the A330 compared to the A320 series? I feel the A320 series lights look similar to freeware aircraft I used to use for fs2004 and could be improved for the A330 (and possibly updated for the a320 series?) with a less 'oversized' look that is similar to IRL. While I know this is a minor thing, I feel it would really improve the immersion feeling and overall quality of the aircraft. Many thanks and best wishes, Aaron
  2. Hi Mathijs, where exactly in the sim can this be done? Thanks
  3. I changed the light poles in the config menu before I did the tests Thanks for your help anyway
  4. But I already established that PTA wasn't the problem?
  5. Just did some testing with different factors. My findings suggest that PTA does not cause this bright lighting (perhaps even slightly improves it?) but in fact the Dynamic Lighting when turned 'off' in the EGLL config menu causes this bright lighting. The screenshots below show this with the different factors (HDR is on at 0.8 in all screenshots) Dynamic Lighting on, PTA off: . Dynamic Lighting on, PTA on: Dynamic Lighting off, PTA on Dynamic Lighting off, PTA off As you can see, the lighting is very bright as soon as Dynamic lighting is turned off. The lighting is darker and better when Dynamic Lighting is turned on (still too bright however). In both cases PTA does not make a difference to the brightness of the terminals. Because the Dynamic Lighting is FPS hungry, is there a way of having the lower brightness on the terminals that mimics the Dynamic lighting being on without it actually being on?
  6. Ah I am using PTA but this seems to be the only airport where the night lighting is like this. Yours looks pretty nice! I'll have a play around and see if it helps. Are you using PTA?
  7. Hello, Is there any way of reducing the night lighting of the terminals? It's very bright at night when using HDR (set at normal brightness of 1). I think there was once a fix for this in a previous version but I'm not sure it is working in 1.10? I have attached a screenshot. Many thanks, Aaron With HDR on: With HDR off:
  8. Hi Oliver, The EGLL_LIB-jetways.BGL file was in the scenery folder but the EGLL_LIB-jetways-SODE.BGL was not. I copied the EGLL_LIB-jetways-SODE.BGL from the SODE folder into the scenery folder and renamed the original EGLL_LIB-jetways.BGL file to deactivate it which appears to have fixed it Thanks!
  9. Hi, I just installed the SODE jetways patch for EGLL and I've noticed that all the jetways have duplicated at every gate. I have confirmed in the product CFG that it is the latest version of the scenery (1.10). I followed the instructions given in the readme file and from here on the forum by Aerosoft staff: Many thanks, Aaron
  10. Hello Mathijs and Dave, Thank you for your replies and for taking the time to try and solve the problem, I appreciate it and I didn't intend for any hard feelings in my initial post. An example of a file that I cannot install which is in the forum area for updated liveries is this one: When I try to install it I get this message: An example of a livery I am able to open but then doesn't appear in my list is this: When I click 'Install livery' it doesn't add it to the list. When I try to install it again it displays this: I hope that gives you some helpful information. Let me know if you would like me to do any further testing Best wishes, Aaron
  11. Hi Matt, thanks for the suggestion, I am resorting to a similar method of manual installation that you outlined for the older liveries. It's the problems with the livery manager even when trying to install the most recent liveries that is the problem. For a product that was developed by a company as great as Aerosoft, I cannot understand why there are still major issues with it even after updates and the release of the A320/21
  12. Hello, Having just bought the A320/21 pack (I already own the first bus package) it is really frustrating to see that there are still major problems with the installing of liveries. Having faced these problems with the A318/19 pack I thought these issues would be sorted by now. The first problem is the inability to add any previous liveries. With Mathijs stating that the previous 1400(!) liveries were compatible (see forum post attached below), it is disappointing to see that most of these liveries in fact cannot be used. What's the point in using the same model as previously when the new livery manager cannot be used properly and customers have to manually install old liveries.. Furthermore, many of the liveries that have been 'updated' and exist on this forum for the new buses do not work either. A lot of the time the livery manager states that it is unable to install them (1st screenshot). The second problem is with the few liveries that actually open. When clicking 'install livery' on the pop up screen it doesn't add the livery to the list of liveries. When you go to install the livery again it says it already exists despite not showing in the livery manager or in P3D (2nd screenshot). This is the same problem I had with the A318/19 pack. With all that said and with the liveries which work, the new Airbus collection is a pleasure to fly with an impressive virtual cockpit and overall performance. I hope these problems can be sorted soon! Kind regards, Aaron
  13. Ok last attempt at explaining.. 1) No tweaks to brightness: Fuselage and wing the same brightness 2) Aircraft brightness reduced in PTA: Fuselage is darker, wings are the same brightness I would like to know why the wings do not get darker also.
  14. Of course it's a very dark image because I'm showing it at night where the problem is most visible (as I stated in my previous post). There is a clear difference between the way the aircraft reflects light between the two images. When changing the setting, only the fuselage responds to the change while the wings remain unchanged. I'm not sure how to explain/show this any clearer..
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