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  1. Ok so I re-downloaded the 10 g or unpacked more like 20 gig mesh. The only thing which has a winter scene is the airport. And some trees have snow on them and the 1st version of this airport around the airport looks wayyyy better. The mountains do not turn snow covered even though inside the mesh i see what appears to have snow in the pictures. so i just can not figure this out. I've reverted back to version 1 since it looks way better. see SS. top pic winter pic only middle pic- ap. v1 is old version looks way better. bottom pic v1.01 is newest which looks like its missing some photo real around the airport . thanks dave
  2. So i downloaded the updated version from the org store. Also available is an option to download the 10 gigs of area photo real scenery. Since i had already done so when i first purchased i skipped that download. But when i attempt to use that folder for the area, i no longer have the photo real area. Just xp default. do i need to re-download the entire 10 gigs again?. Is it some how tied into the updated airport?. I just thought that file has not been updated therefore it should still work. the old version had a file which said autogen. The new one looks like it replaces the autogen folder with uhd mesh folder. Signed confused. lol. I haven't tried the winter version yet. Dave.
  3. I hadn't flown this area in a while so today I flew from Denver to Eagle ( KEGE ) VFR. I loaded the Aspen Ortho / Airport. And I can confirm that the scenery does include the Eagle Airport area. Just FYI.
  4. I use Xplane. And yes LAS is an Xplane Custom Scenery. So that would make sense that it may be out of date. I will check the Gateway and see if there is new APT.Dat for it. I did not know the AP scenery could influence the ILS signal. Thanks for letting me know. To many moving parts lol. Dave. EDIT; I just checked the xplane scenery Gateway and saw where this has been reported. Apparently you can use an older Freq to get it to work. which is 111.75 in case others have this problem. I have not tested it yet, but there also is a newer scenery released at the Gateway, so i'm sure that will fix it. Thanks.
  5. So I saw another topic on this where the Freq was discussed. In the Data the Freq is correct ( Using FFA320 ) I verified on the NAV Data button on the FMS. It shows the proper Freq of 111.50 as well as the Identifier. However No ILS signal is available. The signal for ILS 26L is not there. No LOC or GS shows up. I have Aerosoft Data set 1804. First time flying into this airport. This is the first time I've ran into a problem with ILS from your Data. Thanks. I'll follow up on this thread for updates instead of performing a support ticket. Dave.
  6. I downloaded and purchased it through the xp store. So i don't have that extra file i guess. Thanks for your answers.
  7. Anyone know of a map of the area covered by this scenery. I have only flown once from ASE to DEN. It appeared to be photo real most of the way. I'm curious if this ortho covers airports KEGE ( Eagle ) as well? I just purchased this scenery today from the ORG. very nice to who ever did it! Thanks. Dave.
  8. I didn't see that when i looked. "Current version: 1.02 (last updated January 9th 2018)" All is well. Thank you for answering. ; )
  9. So i found out DFW had an extensive update to i think V1.2. I purchased this scenery on xp a while back. Will this version be made available to the store? Or is there a way i can get the latest version here? Thanks. Dave.
  10. Hello. I thought I'd post on a public thread in case others have the same problem. I just purchased this scenery today.  Upon downloading the zip file, i unzipped it and inside ( xplane 11 file ) was only one file named as the airport. inside this file were several other file folders. I placed the entire folder inside the custom scenery folder like you would for any other scenery. I do not see any difference between stock and this scenery. I must be doing something wrong. I also landed on runway 17C and the ILS was way off to the left of the runway.  I removed the file folder and launched the sim with the stock airport again.  I landed on 17C right down the middle this time. So I think your scenery might be off a little.  because with stock i had no problem.  And is there something I'm suppose to do to activate this scenery to have the full effect.....because I really do not see any difference.  I looks nothing like it does in videos and screenshots. thanks. for your help.


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      Never mind.  I see where i went wrong. You have to place the 5 folders which are inside the main folder which reads custom scenery into the custom scenery folder.  Not the entire folder which holds them all.  That fixed everything.  So I guess maybe a readme file inside the folder explaining that all 5 files need to be transferred to make it work.  Just a suggestion. But as a side note.  Great work.  I really like it.


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