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  1. Hi Don Looks like weve been abandonded :cry: Perhaps other competitors have been experiencing RL involvements similar to the demanding requirements that I have experienced for the past five or six weeks. Happens now and then and has disallowed me any serious flying(virtual) time. :vv: Or perhaps people have been quietly beavering away and getting some really sharp times bedded in :whistling: :yahoo: cheers :smiles: andrew
  2. More time :cloud9: You make sure you keep yourself well Don. Well do our best not to get too :boingy: and if we do we can always add a self-help psychology supplement to the race3 package :smiles: cheers andrew
  3. Well Done Chris. Thats a cup less coffee I'll need in the morning now As Norby says - it will be good to catch up cheers andrew
  4. hiNRG

    Mifflin Ridge Run

    Hi All, A little late, but a very big thank-you to Kris,Chris,Don and every-one else who contributed to putting the race together and/or managing the contest. I'm sorry I didnt get my problems sorted out earlier so that I too, could have contributed by competing effectively. I did eventually manage to get around, but am still persevering and only now are my times getting more or less, competitive. And there-in lies the reason for my appreciation of the competition. It is proving to be an excellent learning exercise, not only in the acquisition of virtual soaring skill, but also in the m
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