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  1. We've finished modelling the new vehicles. That's how it looks inside the simulator. We've also started working on all the lights system that we need to make this airport realistic, we have real video reference of the lights system we'll provide us everything we need.
  2. Going really good with the custom vehicles modelling (all PBR)
  3. Oh It will be really nice! Thank you. We just started with the General Aviation Area
  4. We are in a good state but there are some critical stuff to be done. We are working really hard on the terrain to make it realistic. We'll show you on the next days.
  5. Working on cool effects... (Open it full screen for better visualization)
  6. Thanks guys for the feedback. We are always looking for improvements but please keep in mind that all you see is W.I.P so things may change in the future even thanks to you. I'll show few more pics of the environment of the airport that makes things real.
  7. More LICR previews, the ground has to be reworked to be full PBR compatible but it's not a big problem for us.
  8. Hi, we got some early ground previews (PBR).
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