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  1. Here you go. When you park and request the baggage it says one time that he don't know where the baggage car is, but I don't think we can do much about it! Also no more trees.
  2. I've just checked and after the update the "Exclude all" is not working anymore with the vegetation as it did before, so I'm making another polygon to exclude all the trees. Sorry but that's not our fault! We'll update Asap.
  3. No they should not, in fact none of the tester of us had that. Hypothesis are the new update broke something (?), it is hard to work with MFS now, but we'll do our best to fix all the problems as we did for LICR. Since before the update we didn't have the issue must have been this, there is now way we didn't see the tree around the airport (we've made all the screenshots before the release), I'm getting a look at it now, maybe it just needs to be compiled again!
  4. Sure, We'll take a look right now!
  5. Yes but for the Xbox it will be less detailed due to hardare limitations.
  6. W.I.P of the Cargo Area, we've been working concealed for a bit, and we took a bit of vacation and time for our family, hope you had a great vacation too! See you soon!
  7. It was a promise since the release.
  8. Update includes: - New Ground Polygons - New Lights system with leading lights on the Runway 33 - New Night Lightning - Obstacles lights (RW 33) - Improved Airport Surround - Changed Gate to Parking and added Ramp Stairs, and many more..! Stay tuned for the release announcement!
  9. Sure, we'll provide the fix really soon.
  10. True! Also, you can start a flight from there too!
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