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  1. Runway 33 Rabbit Lights system on X-Plane 11!
  2. The Approach on the Runway 33 is amazing especially by night! We have Aerosoft testing our scenery if possible I have no problem to have you as a tester but since it's not managed by us I can't do much!
  3. Yes, P3D has lots of limitations on the lights system unfortunately.
  4. We've increased the lights brightness, the fix will deploy soon with the Aerosoft Updater.
  5. Hi, I've just installed from scratch P3D V5 and ORBX GLOBAL + Open LC Europe + Global Buildings HD and I have no problem with my Autogen. I've installed ORBX Outside the P3D folder and it is working with the add-on.xml with no problem. How did you installed ORBX on you simulator @iCatchMyOwnSquid inside or outside the P3D Folder? Thank you. -EDITED- Ok, I have disabled LICR and I've understood what the problem is, @masterhawk is 100% right, there is a conflict with the ORBX autogen due to this P3D BUG. We are working on a solution even if this is an LM issue.
  6. Hi, we have custom Autogen model handled via the add-on xml (as the SDK said), none of our tester had this bug. @iCatchMyOwnSquid can you try to disable all the custom Airport Scenery and see if the Autogen appears? Thank you!
  7. Bug fixed, we'll deploy the update the next days.
  8. Hi, this should be an installation problem, did you tried to install it again? Did you activate the scenery manually? Is the Autogen folder present of the scenery folder? Thanks.
  9. Hi, thanks for the report, in the next day we'll try to improve the visibility by day but keep in mind P3D has lots of limitations. We'll do our best, thanks for your patience.
  10. Hi Mike! Can you show how the lights looks on your simulator? So we can compare your lights to our. Also, what add-ons are you using? Thank you.
  11. Thanks, sorry for the issue, it will be fixed ASAP.
  12. Hi, it will come really soon, we are making installers for P3D V4 and v5, we are almost ready.
  13. It is working but it's not the same scenery of the V4 of course due to incompatibilities. If you buy the product you get both version for FREE.
  14. Testing are going great! Release candidate is planned for the next week. Here you go more previews,
  15. Nice, thanks. We are pushing hard with LICR after the release we'll start posting more in LIBD don't worry guys!
  16. Hi, we hope everybody is fine and safe, we are officially in BETA testing! 😎
  17. Here is a preview of the rabbits light of the runway 33, enjoy the video.
  18. Me too ahaha! We are from Reggio, we have video and photos of the lights system! It wil be 100% as in reality.
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