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  1. Hi. A few minutes after takeoff the engines just stop....every default FSX plane. I load "Free-Fly The Desert" and switch planes before I start.
  2. Hi. AES is looking for V3, but I only have V4...Is that why AES won't recognize it? Thanks.
  3. problem was not product related...my apologies.
  4. Approaching Innsbruck- FS9...
  5. Hi. I got a CTD about 90 miles approaching Innsbruck. I tried to load already at the airport and I have a series of 4 "scenery object not found " errors.
  6. i figured out what happened....i installed airport environment....instead of airport enhancement:blush: thanks for your help
  7. wingnut thanks for your help so far but i must ask with no desktop icon...how do you load credits activate airports configure settings? please let me know thanks
  8. when you install Ultimate Airport X...is there supposed to an entry for it at the top of the add onn scenery list in flightsim...and is there supposed to be a shortcut icon "aes help" put on the desktop? when installed this product in fs9...these things were there...with fsx...they are not...
  9. finding the folder is not a problem... but when i do ....why is there only use guide and uninstall in it?...no scenery files why is there no new entry in the add on scenery? why is there no "aes help" on the desktop? i have fs9 installed on the same computer and it installed correctly on that...just not fsx thanks mr
  10. i install it to fsx ... there is no entry in the add on scenery ...and no icons on the desktop .the Ultimate Airport Environment X folder only shows user guide and uninstall.....no other files...please help...thanks m r
  11. That was it! Thanks i had version 2004 installed ( what its purpose is i dont know?)
  12. i cant get kwon vhhh to show up on the aes list after i install it how did you do it? any tips! thanks
  13. If more people have this same confusion...you may want to consider making it more prominent in the directions
  14. 2.06 confirmed....airport is active and showing in flightsim this is the kwon vhhh freeware that is listed on the red list of supported airports
  15. fter I install and activate UK 2000 London Heathrow in flightsim...it does not show on the available airports list in AES Thanks
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