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  1. Read my post, may be it helps to you: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=34242
  2. LOL, the reason of my "angry" post was because I was desperate due to I cannot find the solution, sorry When I activate the scenery I talked about I realized it has at AESHelp activation scenery, a green color brighter than the others, I tried make double click on each activated scenery and.... VOILA.....all of ther turned into bright green color..working now in my nre FS9 installation see youu
  3. 2 hours, no answer, no reads.... finally i could fix it by myself.
  4. Hi. I have a problem with AES. It was running perfectly until I had to reinstall FS9. I reinstall FS9 in a directory with a different name than the ancient one. When I Installed AES, it showed to me the sceneries I had activated in the first FS9 installation, but when I set my plane at one of these sceneryes, AES doesn't work. I try to set aircraft parameters and AES shows DISCONNECTED from FS9. may be he is looking into the ancient directory instead the new one. Could you help me please?? May be I need to delete some into register. thank you and waiting your reply Alex
  5. QUALITY???? oh my God. Compare that throttle quadrant with mine, which I will use with my A320 home cockpit when finished:
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