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  1. I was not able to find out how to scroll through the flight plan when the ND is in "Plan" mode.
  2. A great feature would be the ability to share one squawk code when flyng multicrew in VATSIM/IVAO so that both user can collect fly hours.
  3. and here is mine........can you see the traffic in the background?.....
  4. Hi all I don't know if Aerosoft can help, but this guy has programmed a great piece of software, it is finish but he cannot sell it because of buracracy issues in Russia. Check this out: http://forums1.avsim...dpost&p=1625082 Maybe Aerosoft can help this guy and would be great for the simmer community too to be able to get this Ezdok Walk Camera.
  5. Lukla, Nepal. This airport scare me in the simulation, I cannot and will not imagine how it is in the real life......
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