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  1. Definitely. When I get around to it (currently on vacation, and only on my ipad) I'll see that I make a report and that they try fixing the coastline to extend around the runway like it is supposed to. Guess that might help too... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. Emilios, this is what quantumleap writes in the reply to your post on their forum. He says there is a possibility to exclude other sceneries through FSX. I am not a scenery developer, so I have no idea what he is talking about really. See here: http://www.simforums.com/forums/topic42568_post250177.html#250177 See if there is something to be done about it. In the meantime, I will figure out their reporting tool and make a report for that area. Regards Kosta
  3. OK, and if UTX team went and changed the UTX shorline to extend beyond the runway (not like the way they did it short of the runway), basically extending the same way as the CorfuX scenery, it will also be OK, right? I can't thank you enough for your work Emilios!
  4. I'm on 1.4, latest. Maybe something else what'll help: The raised ground that I reported earlier was due to scenery only being deactivated. Apparently installer places elevation bgl into some FSX folder, which is removed with uninstallation. Default LGKR is okay here when CorfuX uninstalled. Also, UTX is placing a runway in water - don't know if this might be the cause. Also, it's not wave animation. This is a link to the UTX thread: http://www.simforums.com/forums/topic42568_post250156.html#250156 As I said there, I turned off FS9 wave animation, and it was turned off before. Also: If I slew the aircraft a bit further away, say to the other part of the runway, and slew it back to the turnabout, it takes couple of seconds to become blurry. At first it's sharp. Quite weird. I am very well aware of that Mathijs. This is why I never went saying its developers fault and from beginning put all cards out, that I noticed it only with UTX. And if its somehow solvable, I would like to solve it, as not only I am going to benefit from it. Though apparently I am the only one who noticed. I understand that FSX is a huge world, and the only way we can keep this sane if we all help each other (maybe you know me from AVSIM...). I hope we can find a solution for this little problem as it just ruins this beautiful scenery.
  5. Sorry, I didn't know. Thank you. I'll then wait for his reply. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. Aerosoft, any reply from you officially?
  7. No problem, meshman. Here you go: This is from googlemaps:
  8. I already looked into the files, but I have one problem: I have no idea with which file to begin with. There are just a bunch of numbers, and those are not even coordinates. They seem to have their own "sorting" way... some map where is what would probably be helpful. Though I also think that just deleting/renaming UTX file is advisable, as it might interefere with other coastlines and/or future updates. An idea which I had was possible an exclusion file, placed after UTX but before the scenery, which would possible reset the ground - I am not a scenery developer, so I can't say what's possible, but this is just an idea.
  9. I'll pretend I didn't read that. Did you seriously advice me to turn off one scenery to be able to run another? By that theory I should just leave the FSX, since addons apparently don't work with it, even if together... Why other addons are working fine with UTX, is a mystery to me then. Also, if only one scenery is having a problem, then it must be a thing with the scenery, not UTX. On topic: I tried CTRL+SHIFT+R, resetted all the settings, went all default, the problem still persists. Btw. any official Aerosoft thoughts on this? Maybe even from developer?
  10. No, they are not. Look at the ground texture around the strip, at the top - you have to of course open them to make them bigger. Small they look the same. The texture is extremely blurred in the 2nd. You should really look closer. And the difference is even bigger when I span it over 27inches.
  11. Hello, I just got this beautiful scenery (after watching some very nice shots on the forums), and I immediately noticed one problem here, which I can't seem to prevent: If I run the scenery solo, things look like this: But if I enable UTX Europe, this happens: I thought it might be something with water, so if I disable UTX EU Water, I get this: Yes, first and third pics are virtually the same, meaning UTX EU Water is making problems with Corfu X. Is there a way to prevent excessive blurring? And also, is there a reason why my coastline on the left side of the runway is kind of zig-zag? I'm aware there are zillions of addons, and I have some, but is there something sceneryside I could do, some exclusion? Also if return the terrain.cfg to the original, problems also disappear. I didn't notice problems anywhere else, so I am asking if there is a way to fix this form the scenery side, because I am reluctant to change anything else, since rest of my sim is working great. Best Kosta
  12. 16x AF has no impact on newer cards like GTX460 and all. I don't know how ATI handles AF, but Nvidia is not bugged by it. And without 16x AF textures in FSX look BAD. Only thing I find overdressed in OPs post is Wassereffekte, this should be either notch below highest OR highest 1x if your computer can't handle 2x (this IS very much system taxiing). I completely agree with OPs post, there must be something wrong in his install and/or Aerosoft's software...
  13. Kosta

    Avsim Hacked

    Yep, got it too, twice in fact, both came from first class simulations. I wonder too. I don't pay much attention to spam though... one click and its byebye.
  14. Kosta

    Avsim Hacked

    This I found on REX website: http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/ind...hp?topic=2965.0 WHY?????
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