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  1. Great to see this plane comes to MS. There is plenty of work for you guys. Specially when it comes to simulate flight physics. There is no copy and paste possible. We all need to have some patience here. Till the release we will have to wait and give them time to write the code accordingly. In this timeframe Asobo will also release a bunch of improvements what inhere with code manipulations on their end either. Will anything being further improved for MSFS, like sounds or whatever or will it be more or less a 1:1 port? I have still quiet often issues with a very strange pitching behavior right after getting airborne. I know the trim has to be set properly, but if you a little off, then the bus reacts to intense in order to re pitch the plane. 


    If there is shared flight deck, maybe you can implement side stick priority? 





  2. On 16.11.2020 at 07:55, Kristian1484 sagte:

    I've included a photo of what an instance of this looks like. I did not touch any controls, there is no weather application connected or anything. The speed of the aircraft randomly went into the VNE, the nose decided to pitch up and begin climbing.


    Must be MCAS. 

  3. Dears, 


    i just bought the A330 couple of days ago as well. I realised the same issue. It looked exactly like you can see it in FlyKenkus Video



    Look at 3.44minutes. This quick change of the pitch cant have nothing to do with the trim nor the CG, cause its very abrupt. 


    Any Explanations?


    Cheers Pascal






  4. On 13.11.2019 at 12:16, BerndB sagte:

    Shouldn´t be a too big challenge for you, if you can cope with this nice slice of meat in your avatar. ;)

    Ok, i slept over it. 

    Oh man i love steaks. Maybe i need to reduce that habit a little to safe some peanuts for that flightstick... Time to go to the steakhouse tomorrow. You made me hungry.....I would go today but my wife leaves me alone with the kids today 😬. Hey ok, time for simming tonight ;)


    Are you sure the 4 im Pott stick is compatible with the one from Virpil. Cause i see a plug in the center and at the stick comes along with a long cable at the lower spot

    . How can i connect that together? I mean can you confirm it fits together? 


    On 13.11.2019 at 11:57, DaveCT2003 sagte:

    Here you go!  Only $53 USD.




    If the above link doesn't work for you, then simply search for Thrustmaster T16000M.  


    Incidentally, this (and other joysticks) was found by Google Searching for "Left Hand Joystick".


    Best wishes!


    Hey Dave, 


    did you maybe mean this one



    The one from Thrustmaster T16000 model comes only as left hander in a combination with a second stick. Ok then you have a spare...

  5. Hi and good morning. 

    A couple of weeks ago i have moved to the States. Once i visit your homepage its redirecting me to US Homepage. Thats pretty fine. But if go to the hardware section in order to buy Honeycomb equipment, then i see the german homepage. So my question. Will that Honeycomb stuff will be available in the USA through your portal? 


    Thank you very much..





  6. Dears maybe i am to stupid to find it, but why can i navigate from your shop to the Forum, but not back to the shop without entering your URL?


    After being like 5 years on this page i found it now......


    Forget my post.....

  7. Cheers


    Does anybody know if the new FSXI or FS11 will need a complete new source code for add ons? Will it be easy to transfer a scenery like cologne or Tenerife, which are pretty new, to the new Flight sim from MS? Or do you need to program then anything from the scratch again. I am curious about this question.


    And congrats to all FSX flyers. With their long stamina they can switch to FSXI next year then. I think for those guys it would not make sense now to spent money for P3D or Xlane. 









  8. vor 5 Stunden , wdiekmann sagte:

    Hi Pascal,
    This problem should really be discussed in our support forum.

    I will forward your screenshot to sim-wings to let them solve this problem.


    What do you mean with " Is "shame on you" the way you talk with your customers.? "
    I do not understand this.

    I prefer to talk to


    Kind regards


    Dear Winfried, 


    no problem, i solved my problem already, i was a bit frustrated, that whether Orbx and Aerosoft was able to help. I bought really a lot of airports at Aerosoft and only Barajas had this problems, so one member from you adressed me to Orbx. For the moment this was ok for me. Then i thought myself, wait if all airports from SimWings and Aerosoft are working fine with Orbx but only Madrid not. So my idea was then, Aerosoft shall help me. Cause if Orbx is the root, why are not all airports affected. So after a week incl. Pfingsten nobody helped me. And i made my point of frustration public. So i received an answer, shame on you, cause i had no patience through the long weekend. But after starting my own investigation it turned out that really orbx was getting under my suspicion. So I tried a lot of things over the weekend. After i found the problem I have written how I solved it and i said something about personal feelings. I know a forum is a place where feelings are wrong placed. Maybe in forum of some girl magazines. 😂 Anyhow Mathijs Kok deleted this comment already. I am personally fine with this and i am not willing to follow up that matter. 


    Always when i am in front of such problems, i like to share it with the community, cause it helps everyone at the end. 


    I promise to stay Aerosoft customer. No worries. 


    But now i am in front of buying Teneriffe South. I know there is competition with MK Studios here. Convince me to buy the Aerosoft version even it is like 5Eur more expensive. 


    I wish all the best to your team. 

    Bye Pascal 



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