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  1. Just a little funfact, we have a old song in Norway (on Norwegian language ofc) about the Twin Otter from Widerøe. A bit of the text says (during storms) «When SAS dont want to fly and Braathens dont dare, I come dancing around the mountain Torghatten as normal». 😅 link to the song: edit: it looks so nice! Cant wait to get it in my sim!
  2. @Mathijs Kok Regarding «fully working cockpitdoor» does that mean that u can freely move through it to and move around in the cabin? 😊
  3. Wooooo im on the first page!!!! Hype 😄 excited for this product to 😊
  4. They have mediateam and partnered content creators to do marketing stuff for release so discussing it here wouldnt wouldnt give a freepass for early access 🙂 Time to give the Aerosoft team some slack now, its holidays let them enjoy it and wait for the release and ask for constructive questions 👍🏻😊
  5. Still a forum so just feel free to ask questions. (Just make sure to search for sameish question first then cus it might have been answered) 😊 Just do as u would on other forums👍🏻
  6. There is always those who complains that screams the loudest 😊 Have a nice Christmas to all of u guys/girls in the Aerosoft team 😃
  7. Tomorrow is 12th of December wich is half way to 24th, i think it would fit with a sound tease tomorrow then
  8. there we go xD (failed x times to get the gif working)
  9. Hi @Jo Erlend ! Sorry for bothering but i might found a bug when spawning at ENVA (look at attatched screenshoy).
  10. Ahhh!, that explains why i havent seen it I havent used the ATC at all lately xD
  11. Checking ths topic is now getting to an addicting level at the moment!
  12. Hei, @Jo Erlend ! A question about ENVA, is it a SDK reason for the "Visual Guidance Docking System" not being implementet yet? And thanks alot for the fast and great developement of this airport!
  13. I have a feeling that something is just riiiiight around the corner now 😁
  14. You guys are doing great work, keep it up and enjoy ur wine Mathijs!
  15. The feeling everytime u check notification and see "Mathijs Kok commented on Aerosoft Aircraft: CRJ (for MSFS)" Im way to excited for this plane to come!
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