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  1. Want to see a typerated CRJ pilot flying the CRJ live on Twitch, now is your lucky team. Stream starting right now! Feel free to ask any questions about features or how to operate a CRJ in your virtual skies as it releases today. https://www.twitch.tv/edwardthepilot
  2. The best way to do a controlled descent without oscillations in the CRJ is to use the VS mode. The only place and reason I would use SPD mode (or rather descent mode) would be when getting told to reduce and keep a speed inside a TMA while descending. Initially I would set VS to get the descent rate I wanted, adjust the thrust levers to the speed I was told to keep. Then I would when these two where met hit and engage the Descent Speed Mode and just do minor corrections as we get further down to adjust my rate of descent slightly. The CRJ will irl oscillate ALOT if you try starting descent from cruise down to landing with SPD mode. This naturally as your IAS vs pitch vs VS changes with a number of factors as you descend from high up in the atmosphere down towards ground. That is why SPD mode most likely is not mentioned. I have never seen anyone out on the line use it apart from in the scenario I mentioned above.
  3. The overspeed clacker can not be muted irl. Believe that should answer your question enough
  4. The CRJ is well known to eat up alot of runway so not unlikely that you have to go TOGA with the CRJ out of there either.
  5. The CRJ does not have one of the more traditional transponder panels such as the 737 or A320 has. You can tune the XPDR code both through the FMS and in the RTU (the Radio panel). By clicking the transponder line select key on the RTU a new window opens where you can select TA only (for instance in an emergency single engine to prevent the aircraft giving climb commands the aircraft might not be able to handle). Normally however the whole system is automatic which should activate on VATSIM when you in the after start flow select transponder 1 or 2 down on the lower left pedestal next to the STAB and MACH TRIM activation buttons. So if it works as it does in P3D, no worries, it will work with Mode C on VATSIM. 👍 Well soon you can! In MSFS 🤩
  6. As previously mentioned, CityJet does some operation on some routes down south in Norway for SAS. However...... I actually fly the CRJ domestic in Norway irl, however the -200 version which is a little bit more old school and less automatic. Flying the mail for an express cargo operator from north to south and also all the fresh food, dairy products, fruits, flowers etc. up the the remote Top Of The World, Svalbard, Longyearbyen. But you could always simulate that in a CRJ700 I guess. Very challenging to fly into both Tromsö, Bodö and Svalbard with stormy winds, extreme winter conditions and the terrain surrounding it all but it is a very nice job.😃 Will as soon as Hans approves some streaming to Twitch showcase the CRJ from a pilot's point of view answering any questions in real time.😎
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  9. This problem still persists after almost half a year. I am typerated on and fly the CRJ200 which has the exactly same SOP after departure. Before applying takeoff thrust: Check flaps Carrets (the bugs on the N1 dials, needs to have put in OAT on Perf page for them to appear) TO/TO on FMA Takeoff Config OK on EICAS Then at rotation after gear is selected up PF calls for Speed and Nav. This should result into a CLB xxx and HDG until a few seconds later showing FMS1 or FMS2 depending on who is flying. But the Aerosoft Pro CRJ just goes into ALTS and unable to go into Speed mode until either you depress ALT button on FCP (which automaticly for some reason gets activated for some reason with green buttons lit up next to it) and then press SPEED or until you pass like 2000 or 3000ft (seems to be some restriction clearing it by then in the coding). I honestly question if Aerosoft even had any real life CRJ pilots on the beta testing team and if so, how did this go unnoticed?? For me flying these birds on a daily basis it was super unrealistic rotating and trying to follow CRJ SOP's as the coding of the aircraft during initial climb is not following how the aircraft works in real life. Otherwise this aircraft in many ways for the price is a good one. But please, fix this issue as it right now is making the product quite unflyable in the first phase of flight.
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