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  1. When you model different engines is it just the modelling of the look or do you change the performance envelope?
  2. I don't fly much in Europe.....at least not until someone brings..... an... let say.... A330..... to the sim!!! But this airport looks truly spectacular...
  3. Personally I have used both the free options and simple traffic, the advantage of the free options are pretty clear. However, simple traffic is just what it says and can be set up and running in the time it takes to read the install guide for the free options!!! Simple traffic though also is deceptively complex under the hood, but.... the models aren't great. The other thing is Simple traffic is nowhere near as heavy on frame rates.... On balance I use the free option now, However, I can see why people would use the Simple traffic option especially if you flew all over the world(over one area)or you have limited disk space.
  4. That's odd I have Tampa Vegas/ST with MSFS via Steam and both worked for me. Although I have never opened MSFS via Aerosoft One
  5. My educated guess would be something else will be planned for release to MSFS by the end of the year, given as every indication thus far(indeed that's what they have said)is of these aircraft the A330 will be the first, could that change, could Aerosoft suddenly get the urge to release the Fokker 50 possibly...... could it run into delay sure, but I don't see a gap of 12 months between releases as likely.
  6. For what its worth I am really enjoying it thus far, if for no other reason than my VA was able to replace the Beechcraft 99's I has(ironically a year to the day after buying that lovely... aeroplane.. Somewhat shocked that it seems to have had mixed reviews thus far....Really is a joy to hand fly and maybe I'm old school but you give me a 160 page manual and I'm going to be happy!!!!
  7. Not sure if its me but I LOVE the Brit Air livery, doesn't look much at first glance but its lovely in sim
  8. This would have been the upgrade with the 900/1000 add on via Aerosoft with MSFS via Steam
  9. I just tried it out too and they work for me.... for what thats worth.... Hope you are able to resolve the issue.
  10. Come on man...... like ANYBODY within the flight simming world would even consider doing something so tacky!!!!
  11. Ponder this point for a little bit, along with the response from Mathijs "we are not at liberty to explain" as a company you are part of a collaboration with another party and you are "not at liberty to explain" maybe its me but I could take a wild guess.....
  12. I might have to frame this quote..... not sure I have ever been that at any point otherwise in my life!
  13. Given the lack of pictures and a number of modellers being only recently moved over to the programme from the Twin Otter, I would think that's highly unlikely. As a guess I would suggest we should hope for the Twin Otter and the CRJ 900/1000 before the end of the year anything else would be quite remarkable.
  14. Maybe its me, misunderstanding Mathijs but isn't that what he said?
  15. I have been playing around with my 550 tonight and seems stable to me... for what that's worth...
  16. That is great news really looking forward to this, can I ask(and perhaps its part of the NDA or something you don't want to discuss)but does it feel different than the 700(FTW I'm sure its all in my head but the 550 feels different than the 700 to me)?
  17. If it makes you feel any better I had the 1991 Airbus A320 Thalion Software one, I'm sure Aerosoft's will be better, but it did have a really epic manual with it that I haven't seen bettered...
  18. Ohhhhh don't get me wrong me too, lets hope things run smoothly and we get a solid release no matter how long it takes.....
  19. Yes I would guess we are still a good chunk of time away from this release(I would expect its more likely at the back end of the scale and not the front end), can't wait (kind of screwed up my virtual airline as I have a whole bunch of crews trained up back in June for it, but anyway!!!). Given the issues everyone has been having(Carenado and some of the other third party developers still have planes down from SU5!), it was clearly the right call, ideally if the icing can be sorted before release that would be ideal too.
  20. Yes I must admit I was on marketplace yesterday and was stunned at how low the CRJ sat within their 5 star rating, below many products that are not even close quality-wise. It would make no sense whatsoever for Aerosoft to "take advantage" of their customer wise, lets not forget the customer base within flight simming isn't huge I'm sure as a business model it relies to a much greater extent on repeat purchases within their catalogue of products
  21. I'm guessing its not possible, but its a shame you can't revert MSFS to a version of your choice, that way while we are waiting for this fix you can still run the aircraft you want, speaking for myself until the CRJ is back the sin is basically just a screensaver to me
  22. Right now it might be worth waiting for the pending update and see if that resolves any issues you might have.
  23. To be honest normally this kind of thing doesn't really do much for me. However, this weekend my PC died and I ended up having to buy a new one and download everything I have from everywhere, I would have truly killed to have had access to this then!!!
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