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  1. Sorry to hear your news, I can't imagine how disheartening this must be for everyone who has worked on this and got it so close.
  2. Looks like a really good step in the right direction, looking forward to it alot.
  3. Sorry didn't even think about that, my apologies!
  4. When you are working on a project like this are you able to work on a pre-release version of a pending update or are you tied to the current "live" version?
  5. To be honest normally this kind of thing doesn't really do much for me. However, this weekend my PC died and I ended up having to buy a new one and download everything I have from everywhere, I would have truly killed to have had access to this then!!!
  6. For 6 months that's what my plane looked like when I landed pretty much anywhere 😉
  7. I'm not one to critique Asobo as a rule, but I have to say the whole icing thing, I'm kind of shocked that it was released with it being so aggressive. Personally I just switched in off months ago, hopefully update 5 will resolve it. Talking about the announcement of the A320 I was interested to hear that they are planning to include multiple system failures, I would assume that in itself is one hell of a task, not only do you have to code how things work, but code how they don't and how each system interacts with another, I'm no expert(as anyone that has read my comments here will attest!) But that was the thing I went wait a minute... that's going to cause them some headaches!!!
  8. Not the same I know but, same type of market and era, NextGen Simulations are apparently working on the the E135/140/145
  9. Not sure if it helps but I was having the same kind of issues, so I did a bunch of hand flight circuits, the conclusion I came to is that I found with the CRJ I need to land it flatter than I would normally with other planes in MSFS.
  10. Sorry I should been clearer with my statement, correct although I don't own it myself the DC-6 from everything that I have read is a very fine addition to MSFS
  11. Given as its now getting four months since the CRJ 550/700 release, what you are saying really doesn't make any sense. One only needs to look at another airliner that was released for MSFS that did exactly what you are saying by releasing one model and then a second model one month to the day! later. Right now Aerosoft are in a great position because they are the only company to have released a high quality larger plane, messing around trying to get people to shell out 20 bucks(or so)for a a third of the year just doesn't make any sense at all, if it simply doesn't add any value to their portfolio.
  12. Being as that pushes it back to August or only a day or so before that, I would really hope not.... and given as the Sim Updates normally leave scorched earth behind it, hopefully you are a little bit off!
  13. Really looking forward to this, although I must say that BINTER livery is spectacularly ugly(no knock on you guys!!!) Two tone lime-green should never be a design choice!
  14. At the end of the day that's the issue with any testing however much effort is put in, its not an issue until its an issue for someone and its unreasonable to assume that you guys haven't put the work in just because this has popped up
  15. Talking about how long projects take... for example say you guys wake up tomorrow and think "lets make a Boeing 717" how much of the 100,000 man hours from the CRJ project would be transferable?
  16. The idea that their might be two issues causing similar flight dynamic problems seems reasonable to me and with relation to the second one, my three flights over the weekend where the same flight and the issues started around the same time(1hr into the flight above FL30). The first time it happened although there was no indication to that effect, but it felt to me like icing.... the second and third times with icing turned off. However, it as mentioned before happened at the same time, so that to me would indicate to me that it was a cumulative issue of some kind, that turning icing off didn't solve. So in conclusion it might very well be exactly as you state, I guess my next task will be to do the same flight again and watch the performance management screen and see if the weight goes up at some point before the "failure"..... If you live in Eastern Washington state, watch out for falling airplanes over the weekend!
  17. Personally I think the spoiler/speed brake on the quadrant might be a red herring, or at least remapping it is fixing part of the problem without it being the cause, because its happening to me and I have never had it mapped to my controllers.
  18. Yes it seems to be a problem I had it happen to me three times over the weekend and other have reported it too, people seem to think its some kind of phantom spoiler deployment.
  19. Hi All I had an issue that sounded very much like this, a flight from KBIL going upto CYVR with a cruising altitude of FL360 no icing reported yesterday and I turned icing off in the sim for today's flight 1hour in without any kind of warning after having flown at cruise for 30mins or so with no change to any of the readings the aircraft could no longer maintain speed or altitude. I assumed yesterday it was something to do with ice conditions(although no warning to suggest that), so today even with icing turned off in the sim I left all my deicing on, but it "failed" at almost the same spot in the flight.
  20. Very nice, I trust you and Hans will again get an updated plane within the livery pack too!!!! Not sure that it is on the plane(you can tell I do my own liveries!)but the slight bump that runs along the roof from the tail seems to have been removed, does anyone know what that is?
  21. If it helps, I can confirm the above, had the same issue and removed some of my community liveries and that fixed the problem.
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