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  1. The system I am using to make the twelve 208 Squadron Hunters fly in formation all the way from UK to Kenya commemorating the actual flight of 50 years ago, is as follows:- The flight route is as it was for real...Stradishall to Malta to Cyprus to Tehran to Sharjah to Aden to Nairobi, Kenya. For the aircraft to fly each of these legs in battle formation all the way, the following is needed for each airport:- 1. A set of four invisible "Ghost" strips along the runway to enable four Hunters to take-off or land at the same time. 2. A set of twelve invisible "Ghost" strips in the nearby countryside to enable the twelve Hunters to form up into battle formation by landing there and then for all twelve, already in battle formation to take-off again simultaneously, bound for the similar set of twelve ghost strips in the countryside near to their destination. The sets of twelve are three miles from their airport and are positioned on a bearing TO the airport which is the same as the track to the NEXT destination...So when they take-off from there they will rush over their departure airport as they commence their climb on track to the destination...The twelve ghost runways must have the same runway heading as that track to the NEXT destination and the other end of each runway must be closed for take-offs and landings. The sections of four will be fired off from their parking on the real airport at one minute intervals between each four. Each of a four will line up and take-off from its own ghost overlay on the main runway...This will result in each four doing a realistic "Stream Take-Off" and all three fours will be airborne in quick time...They will then go to their nearby set of twelve ghosts and land and park in their "Battle Formation"...A couple of minutes after the last shuts down, they will all restart engines and taxy forwards together and then take-off together in battle formation...They will zoom over their departure airfield making a splendid noise (courtesy of "Advanced AIBlast") and climb into the distance bound for the set of 12 ghosts near to the destination...After landing and parking each four will start at one minute intervals, between fours, to take off and run in and stream land on the four overlay strips on the destination runway. I have been busy preparing all these "Ghosts" and their Parking for the squadron and today I am just completing Tehran. Yesterday I accompanied the squadron (courtesy of "Traffic View Board") from Nicosia to Tehran...I had completed the parking at Tehran and also the four overlay "Ghosts" on runway 11 Right. However, I had not yet built the Tehran set of 12 ghosts for the battle formation...So from the Nicosia set of 12 battle formation ghosts, I flightplanned them direct to the four runway overlay ghosts...with the following interesting results:- This is how the battle formation should look... ...and here again. Here is the overhead view so that you can see the spacing. The rest of the sequence can be seen here:- http://forum.fsscreenshots.com/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=2&topic_id=7862&mode=full&page Thanks for looking
  2. The battle formation for the flight out to Kenya was tested today and here are three snaps that I took in the process:-
  3. Some time ago I compiled a little booklet on this subject and I have now finished printing and distributing it to surviving squadron members. I have just made a Powerpoint slide show of the booklet. Here are nine of the 150 slides:- The slideshow is mainly about people and places and many of the pictures have been shown on this site. However, for anyone who is interested, I have uploaded the presentation (100 MBs) and it can be downloaded from here:- http://www.petermcleland.com/powerpoint/208_Squadron_in_Kenya.pps The download will take at least 5 minutes and you must have Microsoft's Powerpoint to view it...A free download of Powerpoint Viewer can be obtained here:- http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=048dc840-14e1-467d-8dca-19d2a8fd7485 Thanks for looking
  4. Here is a quick and dirty video of the Squadron Scramble...I will do something more artistic when I get the time:- Best watched in HD(480) and with the sound turned up...Note, I'm filming from the other end of the runway with zoom and you won't hear any sound till they start their take-off roll
  5. I've just completed the work on this and here are some shots of the twelve Hunter FGA9s of 208 Squadron getting airborne in one minute and five seconds:- I've managed to squeeze the twelve traffic Hunters onto the concrete ORP. ...the "gaggle"! You can see the other shots in the sequence by clicking this address:- http://forum.fsscreenshots.com/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=2&topic_id=7852&mode=full&page Thanks for looking
  6. The Springtime weather in Alaska yesterday was pretty white...but I enjoyed making this little video:- Best watched with it clicked up to 480 resolution. It also looks great when clicked to "Full Screen" and turn the sound right up
  7. I've installed this package today and also, as per instructions downloaded and installed the Tornado Traffic for it. Here are a couple of sequences of screenshots (the first six then the following seven in different weather):- The rest of the shots can be seen by clicking this link:- http://forum.fsscreenshots.com/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=2&topic_id=7850&mode=full&page Thanks for looking
  8. Here is a sequence of screenshots showing Traffic Alaska 142 returning to base after calling in at several Alaskan airports:- In the descent towards McLeland Field. Crossing Dangerous River with Harlequin Lake and the foot of Yakutat Glacier in the background. About to touch down at base. Using reverse thrust to shorten the landing run. Taxying in and... ...parking. Here is a YouTube video of the same aircraft going into Wrangell:- Best viewed with the resolution clicked up to 480... Thanks for looking
  9. Here is a leisurely bumble down the Russell Fjord in my Eastbourne Monoplane:- I've just left the bay and here is the pod of Whales that can be seen near the cruise ship waiting anchorage. Really low flying over the water is a bit hazardous and this is about as low as I dare. The full sequence can be seen by clicking this address:- http://forum.fsscreenshots.com/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=2&topic_id=7848&mode=full&page Thanks for looking
  10. Here is a brief video of a newly released Anzani Sound package for this lovely aeroplane...You may like to turn the volume right up:- http://www.petermcleland.com/dl/AnzaniSound.zip
  11. You can get it here:- http://www.classicwings.net/freeplanes/eastbourne_mono/Eastbourne_Mono.html but it won't have the blue exhaust flames as I added them myself It is freeware and the modelling standard is very high...It is also pure joy to fly and I find it very difficult to leave it alone
  12. As requested elsewhere...more detailed shots of the Eastbourne Monoplane:-
  13. The Eastbourne Monoplane has joined the Taildraggers Club over at Situk:- Here is a YouTube of it performing touch and goes on the military taxiway at Mcleland Field...Sunday so no F-16s to get in the way:- It does not yet seem to be available in HD at the moment but I expect it will be in about an hour
  14. No, there is no actual flying involved in this...The "User Aircraft" is Traffic View Board...All twelve Hunters of 208 Squadron are AI (with their correct individual markings and Pilot's Names) and their flights are controlled by programming with Ttools and AFCAD. The FSRecorder module is not used at all...If I want to watch and listen to (with AdvancedAIBlast) this mass squadron sortie then I just have to be at RAF Stradishall on any Sunday
  15. Here is a sequence of the chaps stream landing after a Sunday afternoon Balbo... http://forum.fsscreenshots.com/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=2&topic_id=7847&mode=full&page Thanks for looking
  16. Breaks and Stream Landings... While working up some close formation landings, at an interim stage, this rather realistic break and stream landing scenario cropped up. I am very impressed with the efficiency of it...Twelve aircraft down and parked in very quick time with no go-arounds or problems. I will use this technique for all the 208 Squadron arrivals at the six destinations out to Kenya, except that they will break from echelons rather than finger fours. This YouTube video should be watched with HQ clicked once and the sound turned right up...it even looks good in Full Screen Mode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo0TQXO1AKc I am not flying any of these aircraft...They are AI Traffic which I program to persuade them to do what I want. All twelve aircraft are painted as they were when they flew out to Kenya in 1960. The aim is that they will repeat the flights on the 50th Anniversary and I will attach myself to one of them and watch them all the way
  17. I have been using the Trident to tour around testing my various airport sceneries...I've done a few and have a lot more left to do but I thought I would show some screenshots of various airports and a video of a turnround at Dusseldorf. The other pictures and the video link can be found here:- http://forum.fsscreenshots.com/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=2&topic_id=7835&mode=full&page Thank you for looking
  18. Yes that paper moving map is driven by doppler...It was OK but not too precise...The First Officer put it right occasionally as a fix was passed and at that moment it was spot on...but it then would drift a bit until it was next corrected. You had a roll of paper map issued with the nav stuff and briefing sheets for each flight out from base (Heathrow in my case) and the First Officer always looked after it...I was never a First Officer on Tridents so I got a bit hazy about Doppler. However, I WAS a First Officer on the Super 111 and that had a Harco moving map display and that was really excellent...it was controlled by a Decca signal from ground stations and I loved it. We always tuned the VORs and NDBs along the route as backup and these displayed just how accurate the map was...When the Autopilot was locked to Harco and the aircraft approached a sharp turn at a waypoint, it would start the turn exactly early enough to roll out precisely on the new track...Wonderful!
  19. Hi Shaun, Yes, I spent the last 10 years of my flying career in command on the Trident III:-
  20. Here is a shot I took today of a take-off:- and here is a brief (3 minute) video of events leading up to and beyond it:- http://www.petermcleland.com/video/AES01.wmv I'll leave you to guess where it was
  21. One aspect that would make seasoned users of MSFS consider moving over would be complete compatibility of ALL Aerosoft's superb scenery AND the ability to download a replacement of an already owned piece of Aerosoft's scenery for FS9 or FSX to install in the NEW AeroFS at zero or very small extra charge. This would go a long way to persuade people like me, who have thousands of pounds worth of scenery and aircraft already invested in FS9, to move over to a new sim. If you do what MS did with FSX and "Break Everything" then people like me will not move over. What makes my FS9 for me is the wonderful stuff I have added to it (a lot of it Aerosoft). I love my FS9 but it is all the added scenery that makes me love it and certainly NOT the default FS9 stuff. I would take this suggestion even further and say that you could make a good start by incorporating all your very best Aerosoft airport scenery into your new AeroFS as default scenery...perhaps the "Delux Version" at a reasonable extra charge.
  22. Not really a funny shot but my first edit, so perhaps a bit strange... Echo in the Great Rift Valley near Lake Magadi..........with thanks to Dave Garwood. I made this for the cover picture on a small picture booklet that I'm making called "208 Squadron in Kenya"
  23. Thank you James...Here is the final installment of that thread:- So I did most of my years as a First Officer on this mighty beast:- The Vickers Vanguard. I joined BEA on 12th October 1964 but it wasn't until 23rd February 1965 that I started my base training on the real aircraft in Malta. The time between the two dates was busy with Ground School instruction, the ARB type certification and Flight Simulator Training. The Base Training at Malta was only four flights spread over 7 days...The first was High Level Familiarisation, Stalling and Circuits and Landings. The other 3 flights were all Circuits and Landings on 4 and 3 engines, with the last one being at night. Back home to the UK and I started my Line Training on normal passenger carrying services on the 5th March 1965 I seem to have been signed up in my ATPL for the DH.C.1 Vanguard on 18th June 1965 and soon after that I was flying P1 u/s flights with a signature from each Captain. I operated as a First Officer on Vanguards till 28th October 1971 and then after a spell as First Officer on the BAC Super 111, I returned to the Vanguard for my command course on 27th August 1973. The course lasted till 27th September 1973 and on that day I flew my final check with Roger Neaves. I flew as Captain on the Vanguard/Merchantman until 12th December 1974 before moving over to the Trident 3 as Captain for my remaining 10 years with BEA/British Airways. These screenshots were all taken at Aerosoft's Hanover and we did at one time have a regular service to there from Heathrow via Cologne. As on the previous post, the shots are really to show the operation of Aerosoft's AES... ...but they do show off the Vanguard pretty well
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