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  1. Hallo, mir ist aufgefallen, dass displays, die ich klicke und dann als pop up erhalte - wie das PFD nicht wie z.B. bei der PMDG777 im VC schwarz werden sondern 2mal vorhanden sind. Ist das nicht von der Performance her ungünstig, vor allem wenn man mehrere Displays öffnet? Hier ist mir auch aufgefallen, dass sich das ND nicht mehr abdocken lässt. War das schon immer so? Habe in einem Youtube Clip gesehen, dass es abzudocken geht - oder gibt es da aktuell eine Möglichkeit, die ich noch nicht gefunden habe?Ich habe das eigentlich imemrauf einem zweiten Monitor. Beste Grüße
  2. Hallo, ich habe eine Verständnisfrage zum Pop up wenn man das MCDU links klickt. Dann erscheint ja eine andere Version welche mir Checklisten usw. anzeigt aber z.B. nicht die Routen bearbeiten läst. Dazu muss ich dann Shift+F2 klicken. Gibt es hier bestimmte Gründe, warum es 2 verschiedene MCDUs gibt und das getrennt ist? Ließe sich das Verhalten auch so abändern, dass der Klick auf das MCDU die Shift+F2 Variante anzeigt? Oder bekomme ich das Shift+F2 MCDU irgendwie mit der Maus auf - ich nutze halt keine Tastatur. Danke für einen Tipp.
  3. Hey there, (hope I am not double posting - first thread seems to be gone!?) is there any way to assign shortcuts to checklist actions or is there any shortcut to skip an item from the checklist? Sometimes the checklists repeats and I cannot manage to open the FMC and navigate to the skip section. Is this something AS would need to develop or is there any way to hook into the script? Not sure where to start my search here. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hey there, is there any way to assign shortcuts to checklist actions or is there any shortcut to skip an item from the checklist? Sometimes the checklists repeats and I cannot manage to open the FMC and navigate to the skip section. And can I restart a checklist? Sometimes when editing the route the descent checklist starts and in the FMC checklists are greyed out, unclickable. Thanks for any help!
  5. Somehow I am not able to move the PFD around. Whats the big Deal about the ND? Since the first A320 from Aerosoft came out it was not implemented as 2d. Why is that? Cant be such a challenge to make it available. Would be happy if anyone else would be so kind to help me with my other questions 🙂
  6. Hey there, just got me the Airbus bundle for p3d and love the details. However I am strugeling with some issus and hope someone can help. How can I undock Displays? Like in the PMDG777 for example. I can undock any of the displays and drag it to any display what is excellent. I have my second screen just below my primary screen and can have the displays in a biger size there... Undocking the FMC brings up a somehow limited version of it - seems I can only enter setup and checklists there but not edit routes. I have to go to my keyboard and use shift+F2 to bring up another FMC. Is there a shortcut to skip a checklist item? Just like I can start the checklist with "1"? Can I restart a checklist? Sometimes when editing the route the descent checklist starts. Is there a shortcut to give the pilot a cough drop? 😄
  7. My CPU is never over 70% and GPU now 70-80%. Still the A319 gives me a fps drop from 70 to 33. Daytime and no DL. Its enough to fly it but not as smooth as I would like it to be and I cannot go any higher with GPU settings.
  8. This post is already some days old but still trying to give it a chance because I have a fps loss of about 45-50 when switching from a default airplane into the A319. Is this normal? I7 8700 @4,4, CPUs are borred - no Problems here GTX 1070 is up to 99% with the A319, Memory 50% used Where do I start to reduce load on the GPU? And why is the A319 so heavy on fps compared to other aircraft? Thanks for any help.
  9. Dave, thanks for the reply and your time. A company that’s a slave of their own policies, relationships and technical infrastructure and therefor has no room for mistakes and individual solutions, that’s not a place I want to go shopping. This is not about having someone else pay for my mistake as I don’t believe that there is no way Aerosoft could drop a line to PMDG asking for cancellation. I have already placed another order for the P3D Version (double price). Of course I wouldn’t have done that, knowing a refund of the FSX Version was not possible. I am running an online shop myself. For me it’s never the customer that missed something, it is me missing to set up the right architecture of information to prevent errors. And then I do find a solution. If no refund is possible well then maybe a gift card or anything else that makes me keep this customer. Why would I make profit out of a costumer’s mistake, having him contact multiple of my employees, community staff, CEOs, paypal & book keeping and in the end losing him, having him run around rating me bad? That’s where we lose the most time & money. And yes, sometimes I do not make any profit out of an order but have a happy customer for the next years. Acquiring a new costumer is even harder and more expensive. So this is also about investing in the future of a customer and one’s own company. I have recently switched to P3D – my customer life time and value won’t be that bad. I would even agree to a gift card for any Aerosoft made product so they don’t have much trouble with PMDG. This should be about a solution, not about pointing out what is not possible over and over again. Gabriel
  10. Winfried, thanks so much for your reply – first time someone is trying to find a solution after weeks. I do understand that this is not only a button you have to push. I have not activated the licence. I already own the FSX Version from an earlier purchase at PMDG before switching to P3D. I own the 777 FSX twice now. Please let me know if you need further information from my end. If it is easier for you to set up a gift card for any Aerosoft made product – I’ll be fine with that. Yes I have missed the info on the Platform. But, and please don’t get me wrong here, the usability of the shop in this case can be improved: Many Products have the Platform in the title: PMDG 777-300ER Expansion Pack for P3D PMDG 777-300ER Expansion Pack for FSX The CRJ which I bought some time before has it not, it is for all Platforms: CRJ 700/900 X However the 777 with no info in the title is not for all Platforms, its FSX only – missing in the title. PMDG 777-200LR/F I miss a clear line here. I did focus on the product title. If it’s not in the title it is also not in the cart, checkout, email, download section. Also I can only filter the shop for “FSX/P3D” and not explicit for “P3D”. Coming from google on the product page the small hint for the platform is also quickly missed. Gabriel
  11. Well it seems I am talking to myself here. As you prefere to make profit out of your customers mistakes rather than offering any kind of solution, I wont make business with you again. I always recommended your products and shop. Bought in your store rather than at the developers. Even recommended you in the publications that I work for. You lost me here - and I know, you dont even care at all.
  12. Hey there, I have been a happy customer and would be one in the future. However due to a mistake I made in the shop I had to contact the customer support – and that’s where Aerosoft lost me: By mistake, I have bought the 777 for FSX while I only have P3D installed. So I ordered the 777 for P3D. I then kindly asked for a refund on the 777 FSX. I got a short and not very friendly answer via a ticket system, telling me I accepted the policies and therefore no refund is possible. No „hello“, „thanks for being our customer“... The ticket was immediately closed, no further interest shown. Another email from the German customer service came in with one short line – telling me the same. So I gave Aerosoft a call just to hear that they don’t want to talk to me – one would send me another email. Later I got a repetition of what was already written. So I did another call with no luck – the lady on the phone told me there is policies, no room for customer mistakes or an individual solution. Just repetitive the same phrases not answering any of my arguments. Any attempt to talk to a team leader was refused but I was offered to write an email to the CEO, what I did. I never heard back from anyone. I do understand the policies. It’s not that I changed my mind on the 777. I made a mistake – that happens and companies should deal with it in a smart way and not make profit out of it. I did not activate the licence and rebought for P3D. For me its not so much about the money, its how you communicate and act. I never felt so in the wrong place as a customer. I did miss any basic principles of a friendly customer centred communication and any kind of interest in me as a present or future customer. It seemed to be more about who is right or wrong or got the last word and strict policies. Not about a relationship that might last for years and is beneficial for both sides. All I met was refusal and avoidance of direct communication mixed with something giving me the feeling to be like an enemy disturbing the peace. No one was even trying to find any kind of a solution - and there is always one. I always find one for my customers and I always ask them what went wrong when they made a mistake to check the usability of my shop. I have recently switched to P3D and will need many add ons – so my customer value wont be that bad. Why would you want to loose a customer just for some $ of commision you get for the 777? I do not understand that kind of business strategy. Best wishes. Gabriel
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