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  1. Gentlemen, On my system, with the latest update for p3d v4.5, the altitude hold does not maintain the altitude when engaged. Also, the VSI and altimeter gauges occasionally go crazy, fluctuating all over the place. I cannot give the flight parameters except to say I am in a climb and sometimes a descent. System: i7 4700 on an Asus P9700 pro. Win10 Home 64, Nvidia 1070 card driver 442.59. Thanks for your help. Jack Sciutti PS I really like this bird but what is going on; I have reinstalled three times then applied the update after each.
  2. Mr. K. Have enjoyed reading this forum, especially your comments from a marketing standpoint; also enjoyed your interview. As a former pilot( B-52 + 707 + 727 + various light AC) and programmer (I remember your comments about such recently), thank G.. you are NOT interested in the lavs, galley, etc as CS is. Just my opiniion, but I think your concentrating on the front office with excellent visuals is dead on!!! I'm back to the Level D 767 because it WORKS! Will buy this one as soon as released even tho my preference is Boeing heavy metal (B-52, etc). If you need a pilot/programmer for beta testing???? Any way, my compliments to your programmers. I have a bit of experience writing 100,000+ lines of code for a US DOD project. Jack S. PS I just found on my system(i7920@3.8/ Nvidia 260/ 182.50 drivers+nHancer) that the use of the affinity mask(=14) removed some stuttering based on my slider settings.
  3. Hi all, HAPPY NEW YEAR - a bit late. Is thera way to increase the brightness of the inst lights at dusk? They are unreadable on my monitor and don't become readable until full darkness. Thanks. Jack S.
  4. Gentlemen, I like the F5 BUT the spot view is always very small; the only way to get a 'normal' FSX spot is to exit then reenter the saved situation. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks. Jack S.
  5. An update: I installed the new Nvidia 180.84 drivers and can now take off from Langley with water set to low 2. The outside view starts at 22 FPS (locked at 30) and jumps to 30 as soon as I'm airborne. The new drivers are the best for MSFSX I've used!!! The 'aircraft casts shadow on ground' checked drops the FPS to 18 at Langley, so I do not use this feature at all. Jack
  6. Thank you for reading Mr. Kok. My point is this: on my system, disabling 'aircraft casts shadow on ground' (which I call shadow rendering; I don't know the correct programing term although I spent 20+ years as a developer/Oracle DBA) results in an increase in frame rates of 5-8 which, as you know, can make a difference in MSFS. Also, I discovered that the airport location makes a difference in F-16 (very nice programing I believe) frame rates. My locked 30 becomes 20 at Langley AFB and back to 30 with water set to 'none'. I usually fly with water set at low 2. At Luke or a German base (not much water to display), I leave the water at low 2 and get 30 steady from T/O to altitude. Hope this is a better explanation. Jack PS: I also enjoy the Cheyenne and the Beaver.
  7. Gentlmen, I've run a test on my system and discovered a bit that may be interesting. System: E6600 dual 2.4 overclocked to 3.2; 4 Gb Corsair RAM @ 5-5-5-18 timing (not real tight). 8800GT 512, 174.54 drivers + NHancer. XP Home with SP3. FSX and XP tuned as found on Simaviation Forum by Nick N. FSX settings: 1920x1200 Global @ max 38 M mesh 30 Mesh resolution Scenery Complex: 100% AutoGen: Dense Frames: locked @ 30 When I unchecked the 'aircraft casts shadow on ground' AND was at an airport NOT near water (Luke and Germany) the frames in and out of the cockpit were 30. At Langley and MacDill, outside dropped to 20, inside stayed at 30. The HUD was set up with all options on, NO MFDs until at altitude. I do get blurries below 5000' and above 350KIAS. My conclusion: the scenery location makes a difference as does the shadow rendering. Thanks. Jack Sciutti
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