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  1. Gentlemen, On my system, with the latest update for p3d v4.5, the altitude hold does not maintain the altitude when engaged. Also, the VSI and altimeter gauges occasionally go crazy, fluctuating all over the place. I cannot give the flight parameters except to say I am in a climb and sometimes a descent. System: i7 4700 on an Asus P9700 pro. Win10 Home 64, Nvidia 1070 card driver 442.59. Thanks for your help. Jack Sciutti PS I really like this bird but what is going on; I have reinstalled three times then applied the update after each.
  2. Mr. Kok, Saying it is 'better' is , IMHO, a gross understatement. Using a 4k monitor at 30Hz and I cannot believe the difference. Great planning on your part and the team. Bring on the 330!!! Thank you. Jack
  3. Morning all, A320 IAE climb rate below 10,000 with managed or non-managed autopilot: rate of climb 4700 - 5300 fpm. Is this correct or do I have a bad upgrade? New install, new upgrade applied, Win10. Every Delta pilot I talked with indicated this is excessive below 10,000 feet. Thank you. Jack RL former air carrier pilot.
  4. Thank you Querer. Makes sense as naturally I missed that. So, as you, will stick to the A320. Jack
  5. Good morning Gentlemen. I'll try to give as much info as possible using the new release: A321,KATL-KRIC ZFW: 59.1 CG: 26.0 Fuel:8.3 Pax:146 V1: 121 Vr: 130 V2: 136 After gear up, climb power, Managed climb the rate of climb : 4,000+ and remained high reduced at FL240 down to 3200 FPM. The A320 IE on the other hand, seemed to be normal although you know the bus better than I. Same route, used fuel planner: A3201,KATL-KRIC ZFW: 53.5 CG: 26.0 Fuel:7.44 Pax:146 V1: 148 Vr: 149 V2: 150 Managed climb to FL310, the ROC never got above 2,000FPM started at 1400 FPM. I guess my question is this: Does the A321 really climb that fast or should it be like the A320? Many thanks. Jack
  6. I suspect, possibly due to the very complex code, another termite or four has to be dealt with. Jack
  7. Hi all, Just for info only, Delta began prelem training last November which I saw when my son took me for a visit of the simulator building, well before it was a done deal. The diagrams I saw posted were most interesting to say the least. From what I remember, perhaps the most advanced bus cockpit yet, Jack
  8. Two Thank Yous Mr. Kok: First for the update and second, more important IMHO, for having the integrity to admit you were wrong then to go the extra mile to make it right even if it means a new code base. Not what Jack thinks is correct, but what your RL bus drivers indicate are the correct flight characteristic. I will get input from my son, A Delta pilot. In my book, as I approach my eighth decade and more than one year enjoying the flight sim hobby, Aerosoft has now reached the top of the heap. My thanks to you and the team for what will now be the best bus available. My suggestion: A number of us I suspect fly solo and a clean-up of the voice sets would be appreciated, perhaps easily modifiable. A case in point: The seat belt, PED signs are turned off at the Captains direction with the airline I mentioned, not at 10,000 feet, usually 18,000 depending on turbulence for the seat belt. Jack PS: If you ever do the 707 (the version from you know who is not close), perhaps I can help as I flew that old bird for a number of years. Again, thank you.
  9. My apologies for the confusion. I just reinstalled v1210 and used the updater to bring it to 1212. I will now re-run the A320 IAE same test using the fuel planner to generate the load sheet. Will report my takeoff results again in a few minutes. Thanks. Jack PS Yes, I agree that a ground speed of 14 knows at idle is a bit much!
  10. Thank you for replying Mr. M. I just tested the BA A320 with light load: passengers -85 cargo - 0 fuel - 8.5 zfw - 95.5/.26.0 trim: 0.8up RWY: 34 at KRIC IAS at end of runway - 100KIAS Is this the correct ZFW? System: Win10, i4790@ 4.3, 1070 EVGA video card, 4k Samsung 27" monitor, 16Gb 1600 RAM. Many thanks. Jack
  11. Actually, when I tested the IAE, it was broken as well. Not rushing is good as well as extensive testing. I wonder if Mr. Kok would take the time to weigh in on this issue. Many thanks Jack
  12. Thank you. Have a good day. Jack
  13. Gentlemen, Aerosoft, IMHO, is a honest, 'straight with their customers' business. That being said, I'm a bit perplexed by the release and subsequent pulling of a new update or at least the testing protocols which evidently missed something. I realize the code must be complex and very interlocked so one change affects many parts. I do have a background in software development so understand your frustration. My question is when, if you can possibly guess ( that is a oxymoron I suppose), will there be a stable update? My thanks for reading. Jack
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