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  1. I hate it to be the guy coming up with a bit of „negativity“ but, i hope these background textures that look like a carpet are just placeholders, right? Also, the modelling seems to be kinda lowpoly, i can count the edges of the round gauges by hand. Can we get a bit more detail here so the gauges appear round as they are IRL and not so edgy? IMHO MSFS if optimised enough, as you mentioned in the Brussels thread. Why going All-In on airport details but then going „lowpoly“ on cockpits where we look at for hours?
  2. i dont think that will work with WASM code. But im not a developer and could be wrong. The default planes use JS/HTML and is basically editable with any text rditor, so its easy to just overwrite it by dropping new code in the community folder. WASM code has to be compiled/decompiled, so, i guess, you cant just „overwrite“ it by dropping in the community folder. also it would not begood for AS to provide updates in a „unofficial“ way, it surely would generate more issues and backlash in the end. we just have to be patient for a proper solution.
  3. all the Aircraft you mention here do not use WASM. They use the JS/HTML coding instead of C++ trough WASM. Please correct me if i talk nonsense.
  4. If there was something changing that will affect 3rd party liveries and causing possible CTDs, it would be nice to know what exactly it was so the repainters can update their liveries. Only having the default liveries is a bit lame.
  5. Oh snap, im hating the Marketplace even more now... What a BS, honestly. They should really get up to the standards of all the other markets and vendors out there ASAP! As more AddOns are getting released the more this slow update process will upset the users... I know, not directly a problem of Aerosoft but you should show them how to do it right as you seem to be very tight with them. Thanks
  6. I really hope so. I avoid the Marketplace like a plague and buy from the developers directly if possible to support them and also because the Marketplace is way too slow with updates. If we, the direct buyers, now get "punished" with a delayed update only because the Marketplace-Team is way to slow, that would be an absolute bummer and honestly, would upset me quite a bit. It would not be great customer-service to delay an update that fixes a bigger problem only for the reason to stay in-line with the slowest vendor of all in the whole MSFS AddOn industry.
  7. I was not yet able to test it myself but a first report of the same issue was just mentioned in the Official MSFS Forum.
  8. Chill down guys, get a good rest so that we are fully ready to fly the whole weekend from tomorrow on 😅
  9. im pretty sure it will as with all AS Planes lately released.
  10. The issue described her, atleast mine, is not caused by multiplayer. But anyway, good to have another fix, although i dont care about the multiplayer fix, the live weather improvement in this patch is what gets me excited 😛
  11. Konntest du das Problem mit dem CoherentUIGT mittlerweile lösen? Ich kann dir keine direkte Lösung vorschlagen aber mit Coherent werden quasi die Displays im Flieger, also die Systeme gerendert. In der Regel sind coherentUIGT crashes auf "mods" an diesen systemen zurückzuführen. Kann auch sein dass sich mehere solche mods beissen und das dann zum Absturz führt. Versuch mal wirklich nur den aktuellen FBW A320 im Community-Ordner zu haben und eliminiere sonst jeden möglichen GPS-Mod oder was du eventuell noch alles installiert hast. Leere und lösche deinen Rolling und Manual cache, falls
  12. Another popular developer just announced EDJA with all the bells and whistles for free. Unfortunate for the developer that already spent hours of his time... How will this affect this EDJA project?
  13. Exactly as @LesOReilly already said. If you want to get in the "Real as it gets" side of simulation, SimBrief (free, just needs an account) is the way to go. It will create you a realworld-valid flightplan. Flightplanning is a big part of this "as real as it gets" approach and somehow, i myself, like it very much, its part of the fun, including programming the FMC accordingly. However: SimBriefs AIRAC that is available for free is outdated, you`ll need a Navigraph-Subscription to unlock the current AIRAC for SimBrief flightplanning. But you can leave that out for the start, you can use
  14. It will not affect you at all, as long as you dont fly in a Networl like VATSIM. If you will join vatsim one day, current chats and navdata is essential, as in the real world.
  15. Hey Joe The CRJ came with a current AIRAC at release. However, meanwhile its outdated. MSFS NavData (by Navblue) is separate to the CRJ Navdata. If you want to update the CRJ AIRAC, you have two options: 1. Aerosoft Navdata 2. Navigraph Navdata both are optionally available with an app that also provides current charts of airports, SID/STARs and enroute etc. Having tried both, i have to say that Navigraph is the more popular and feature-rich option. Id recommend a subscription for both, the AIRAC and charts. It also comes with an app that lets you track yo
  16. Just reporting back, i still have this stutters. This time they started just before the threshold when landing. Every damn 30secs a short freeze. Its just annoying. I am very good at troubleshooting and finding possible reasons for all variety of problems, i just cant find any reason for this one. It doesnt matter the airport, it doesnt matter if i have 3rd party apps like vPilot and Spad.Next running. Sometimes they happen, sometimes not. Any help would be appreciated and if you Aerosoft-Guys have a direct line to ASOBO, i beg you from my heart to talk to them and see if you guys can fi
  17. Check again that you have not set a mixture axis on your throttle or somewhere else.
  18. I guess Mathijs said somewhere that they are identical. So i dont expect too much difference. IRL the CRJ1000 has FlyByWire and better avionics than the CRJ900. But thats taken from info on the net, im not a CRJ expert by any means.
  19. its already fixed, idk what you are on about...
  20. Sooo nice! I just searched for all real world LH Cityline flights to do from EDDM. Now i think i should wait till the 900 is out... ill be that guy this time: do we have an estimate? 😅 Oh, will we get an updated cockpit with ProLine21 and also the FBW?
  21. The issue seems to get fixed as i read above but i want to add the following: I also had a jumping throttle, but it is prabably due to the fact that the Saitek-Throttle isnt the best and i had this jumping issue on other aircrafts as well. The fix for me was to not use the MSFS throttle axis but calibrate the throttle in Spad.Next. There i had to set a smoothing value of 11 to the throttle axis and now it is super precise. So, if you use Spad.Next anyway for some other stuff, i HIGHLY recommend to config and calibrate your throttle trough that and unbind it from the MSFS throttle axis
  22. If you use Axis and ohs it has nothing to do with Spad.Next. Its a complete different software, so you dont have to worry. And as said, the Spad.Next issue is fixed already by the developer and is another problem than what we were initially discussing, so we are getting a bit OT here.
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